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Jeffree Star "Beauty Killer Palette" review

Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and I have not been sponsored or otherwise compensated to review this product.

jeffree star beauty killer palette


I put in my order on 7th June 2016 and received on 15th June 2016. Eight days, but reminder I live in Australia, so it was a lot faster than I expected lol. It also had tracked shipping but I didn't check due to my finals prep (lol) so unfortunately I can't say much about that.

It came to me wrapped in bubble wrap, wrapped in pink tissue paper, and placed in a sturdy cardboard box. 

Shipping was $10.95USD but I'll be addressing costs in AUD below!  


The packaging itself is of average quality in my opinion. It's not a flimsy plastic, it's a reasonably sturdy cardboard and possibly a plywood type material combo, but the mirror must be propped up.

Kudos on the mirror though. When I see a palette without a mirror (coughs Zoeva palettes lol) I get pretty salty lol.


From left to right:

Black Rainbow, China White, Vanity, Confession, Expensive, Courtney, Rich Bitch, Violence, Princess, Star Power

jeffree star beauty killer palette swatches

jeffree star beauty killer palette swatches

jeffree star beauty killer palette swatches


Firstly I want to say that I bought the palette almost purely because of the colours Princess, Courtney, Expensive, Confession, Vanity and Black Rainbow, so 6/10 (which is pretty good! I bought Zoeva's palette on impulse just because of one colour lol.) 

I wasn't really excited for Star Power because fuchsia pink isn't my thing lol. I was also worried Rich Bitch would not flatter my skintone whatsoever.

I was also curious to see how smooth/soft the eyeshadows would be. In general, the matte colours were very smooth and soft to apply as promised. The frost and glitter shades less so (though to be expected), and not as easy to blend, but it's good to pat on these shades, particularly Rich Bitch and Black Rainbow. 

Star Power: A fuchsia pink. Definitely not my colour (and now I have two shades of it lol) however the upside to this palette is that due to the wide size, I could probably try using it as a blush (of course, with a very VERY light hand lol). Very pigmented and the formula (as most bright pinks will tend to do) will stain. 

Princess: A light pink with a purple undertone. Unfortunately not as pigmented as I expected, however I quite like it as a highlight colour under the brow bone.

Violence: This was a lot more like a browny-red than I expected, but it's a very lovely colour that I can use as part of an everyday brown-neutrals look. 

Rich bitch: Hard to blend. Try patting it on then lightly blend edges for minimal fallout, but if it doesn't work you might have to blend other colours in.

Courtney: My favourite colour of the palette! Just as promised, this is very soft and smooth and it's so pretty. It EXACTLY matched my expectations so kudos.  

Expensive: As I mentioned, this goes on greener that I expected, closer to a teal colour, which was really weird for me lol. I was fully expecting a bright blue, so I'm actually quite disappointed with this colour. 

Confession: A stunning copper colour. Again, expected it to be quite different: more of a plum colour. 

Vanity: It's a matte purple-brown mixture that is good for adding a touch of colour to an everyday brown-neutrals look, however I really dislike the way it blends. 

China white: On my arm it doesn't look very pigmented but it shows up on my eye area (in both cases I don't use primer). Although I'm fairly 'pale', the white doesn't really look that nice on me :( 

Black rainbow: A matte black with colourful glitter. Another favourite of mine, I've seen colours like this as nail polishes but never as eyeshadow. There are issues with fallout and blending, but not as bad as Rich Bitch and Vanity. 

Additionally, I was aware that there have been comments that it's not a very cohesive palette. I personally did not buy it to be a stand-alone palette as I don't wear colour that often. (I didn't intend "Electric" to be standalone either.) 

This is also because of my "tapered eyelid" which means I don't really have much lid space to work with lots of fabulous colours in the one go. 

Do note that each "quad" is intended to be a guide as a look on its own, which I thought was pretty cool. Again, wouldn't recommend as a first palette, but would be good if you wanted to add more colour to your collection. 


Excellent shades: Courtney

Shades that I otherwise generally like/recommend: Princess, Violence, Black Rainbow

Shades that exceeded expectations: N/A

Shades I don't care for: Star Power, China White

Shades that have a different colour on skin to what's in palette: Princess, Violence, Expensive, Confession 

Shades that I otherwise generally dislike/don't recommend: Rich Bitch 

Disappointing shades: Vanity


Very smooth: Courtney, Princess, Violence, Confession 

Average: China White, Star Power, Expensive 

Hard to blend while looking good: Vanity, Rich Bitch, Black Rainbow (from worst to best to blend within this category)

Dupes and Cost Breakdown

Disclaimer: I'm only including Urban Decay's "Electric" Palette as a price comparison. I personally don't think that the two (as palettes) are interchangeable because they offer very different colour ranges, however seeing as there are three similar-ish colours in both palettes, I thought it'd be quite helpful if you weren't really sure about price points and such.

Jeffree Star's palette colours 'Star Power', 'Expensive' and 'Violence' are dupes for Urban Decay's "Electric" palette colours 'Savage', 'Fringe' and 'Jilted'. While 'Star Power' and 'Savage' are quite similar (I'd argue that 'Star Power' is a tint or two more purple), the other two pairs aren't quite as close but I included them for comparison purposes. 

I was really quite surprised to see 'Expensive' be quite teal in colour. From the pictures and first impression when I opened the palette, I expected it to be quite blue in colour. 'Expensive' has more green in it than 'Fringe'. 

'Violence' is also similar to 'Jilted', almost halfway in between 'Jilted' and 'Urban.'

Vanity in "Beauty Killer" is also comparable to 'Wonder Full' in Zoeva's "Rose Golden" palette. 

jeffree star beauty killer palette swatches dupes urban decay electric palette zoeva rose golden palette

(In the above picture, the first colour of each pair is the Jeffree Star shade while the second is the corresponding UD/Zoeva palette shade.)

The maths: America (skip down if you're Australian)

Excluding shipping and taxes in America, Jeffree Star's "Beauty Killer palette" is $45 USD while Urban Decay's "Electric" palette is $49 USD. 

In "Beauty Killer," each eyeshadow is 0.09 ounces. 

  • Price per eyeshadow: $4.50 USD
  • Price per ounce: $50 USD

In "Electric," each eyeshadow is 0.04 ounces. 

  • Price per eyeshadow: $4.90 USD
  • Price per ounce: $122.50 USD

Clearly, price wise, Jeffree Star's palette is a lot more affordable if you were only going after these three colours! 

(But, do note that Urban Decay has a brush and is made from a lot sturdier material, however due to complexity and difficulty in calculations I've decided to leave out packaging, brush and basically non-eyeshadow related costs.) 

The maths: Australia

Jeffree Star's "Beauty Killer" cost me $55.95USD including shipping, which is $78.88AUD including shipping (thanks shitty conversion rates lol! Australian economy pls get better soon I have stuff I need to buy). 

Without shipping I would have paid $60.86 AUD, but to take advantage of free shipping I would have had to buy $150USD (because international) which is approximately $202AUD. 

Urban Decay's "Electric" cost me $70AUD when I bought it, but it's now listed in Mecca as $80AUD.

In "Beauty Killer," each eyeshadow is 2.55 grams. 

  • Price per eyeshadow: $7.89 AUD (including shipping) and $6.09 (excluding shipping)
  • Price per gram: $3.09 (including shipping) and $2.39 (excluding shipping)

In "Electric," each eyeshadow is 1.2 grams. 
  • Price per eyeshadow: $8 AUD (price from Mecca as of June 2016) 
  • Price per gram: $6.67 AUD (price from Mecca as of June 2016) 
Per gram, the "Beauty Killer" palette is definitely more affordable! As a whole, "Electric" is cheaper. 

My recommendation to fellow Aussies who want to buy Jeffree Star's products while taking advantage of free shipping is to find some friends and split! (Note to factor in restock times and item limits, which may be an issue.) 


I was not aware of the "drama" surrounding the brand's owner upon purchasing the palette, though I did find out recently and was fairly disappointed. 

I have kept my thoughts on the product itself separate from the owner's views/actions because that's my aim with this blog; however, it is important to remember that when you buy a product, you are supporting its brand/company/owner/etc. 

So as a consumer, your power lies in your money. If you do or don't support the creative behind a particular brand, you are free to buy it or boycott it, respectively. 

Overall view

I personally like that the palette gives quite a large amount of eyeshadow, and some of the shades are unique. There are also some colours offered which I don't own but wanted to own without buying mono shadows or other palettes. 

That being said, there were also quite a few colours that I was rather disappointed in, as they did not appear on my skin the way I expected them to, and/or they did not blend very nicely. 

For both these reasons and the issues surrounding the company, I will not be repurchasing the palette. (If I were to ignore the issues, if Jeffree Star released Courtney as a mono shadow, I personally would look into purchasing that.) 

Also if you're interested, the palette is vegan and cruelty free. This doesn't really factor into my purchases at the moment, but it's a plus for those who do. 

Till next time! 


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