Monday, 18 July 2016

Haul Part 1 - Nail Polish/Art from Beyond Alice and Gudetama/Holika Holika Collaborations

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored, affiliated or otherwise compensated for reviewing this. All purchases were my own. 

Hi everyone! This is actually my second Korean Beauty haul this year, but the first one was mostly skincare, which I personally am iffy in reviewing but we'll see...! 

I bought these from Cosmetic Love. The site is a little clunky but they offer more new Korean beauty products compared to sites like Sasa, which is why I tried buying from Cosmetic Love for the first time...! They also gave me a lot of samples LOL. I'll go into that more next post. 

Today I'll be reviewing/talking about three nail-related items from the haul. Also apologies for the camera quality, I was using my phone which had a terrible camera (I have since replaced my phone. Last post I used my camera but man I'm lazy sometimes to take it out then process it all HAHA). 

Friday, 17 June 2016

Refurbishment & restarts

Hi everyone! I know I said I abandoned this blog (partly true, all my fashion blogging will be over at current aesthetic) however I've decided to revamp this blog and keep it updated with makeup swatches and beauty reviews only, as they don't fit the nature of my fashion blog. 

So welcome to the resurrection of "the light that shone"! 

Thanks and keep in touch~! Amy