Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New blog???

This may seem a bit of a shock but I've decided to completely create a new blog.

The problem with my lack of updates is that I don't have a focus beyond "updating about myself" and "sometimes articles about interesting things" and that's just not good enough haha.

So while I'll still be using this account to comment and read your articles, if you're still interested in looking at mine please head over to current aesthetic over at wordpress. You can follow on Blogger through manually adding the URL to your "My reading list" on your Blogger home page.

Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Okay I've been bad. Like, really bad with keeping up my blog. Not only that, but I recently started a new project (shhh!) but have been impeded upon because my mum refuses to give me my camera. Yep, you read that right, I still live at home and so I have to live by my parents' rules :/ So I have no choice but to use my phone, for now. I'm thinking of buying a camera with my savings that my mum won't have any control over ^_^;; If anyone has some good recs please let me know!

I've also been thinking of putting this blog on hiatus while I work on my new project...

Anyways yes now I'm in university and it's been really really busy! I should be doing my work right now, actually haha. 

Here's an OOTD I wore recently for a catch up with some friends: