Monday, 26 January 2015

Style diaries - Packing to go overseas

Hi everyone! This will probably be uploaded when I'm in China xD But anyways, here is a quick travel post! 

Airport Fashion

If you're like me and travelling across seasons (summer to winter...) wear clothes that can easily transition and are super comfortable. 

In this image, the acid wash jeans (from Jayjays) are good in that they are thin enough to endure the Aussie heat if you stay in air conditioned areas (haha) and have studs that are too high to "sit on" but still look stylish. Doc Martens are a bit clunkier but completely necessary in winter as seriously, in China, I swear that if your soles are too thin your feet will become blocks of ice. While heavy, they are reasonably comfortable to roam the airport in. The jumper from Glue is thick and can be worn on board the airplane (which will be pretty cold) and when you get off. Finally, the Uniqlo linen shirt is comfortable in the sweaty summer with sleeves rolled up and good air circulation, great to wear on a long flight, and can insulate you from the cold wind overseas.

Accessories on airplanes are really unneeded and way too uncomfortable.

With baggage, I tend to fill luggage with gifts and buy most of my clothes there. ^^; I brought make up though, but as I plan to cosplay in China it may be more than what is necessary for the average fashionista ;) 

Carry on bag

You can find great large and fashionable backpacks from stores such as Colette. The contents should include laptop and camera (I'm forgoing former as I'm getting a laptop soon ^^ and I'll be borrowing my uncle's camera and using my own phone~) 

When selecting a bag, look for a roomy one with not too many dangly parts and several compartments inside (especially with a zipper). 

What to carry onto the plane: 

  • A fashion magazine: I brought Yen and Frankie's latest issues. Vogue and the Chinese magazine Mina are also great options. Good to read on flight as the large images and not too detailed writing are perfect for those who may suffer some air sickness. 
  • A novel: Rather than on the plane, I plan to read while in China. I know I won't be going out ALL the time, so I may as well catch up on a novel ^^
  • Passport: If you don't bring this, say goodbye to your trip. Haha.
  • Ipod: Easy, and do I need to explain why? Don't forget the charger (and also phone charger.) 
  • Simple makeup: Of course it's Passport to Posh by Benefit! Don't wear it ON the plane but once you get off, it's everything you need to brighten yourself up. 
  • Pawpaw lip balm: Lucas' brand, I think. Long flights can cause dry lips (and skin, if you need to bring that, bring a sample size). A good alternative is getting some 'palette' things from Daiso, which you can put liquid make up in. Easy~
  • A notebook and pen: To write down your adventures ^^ The pen is also important for that paper declaration you have to complete on board the plane. 
  • Your wallet: bring ID, medical cards and credit cards. Also bring some money in your home currency for those duty free stores, and some exchanged currency so that when you get off the plane, you can check in immediately. The rest of your funds should stay on your card. 
  • Glasses/sunnies: If you need them, like I do! 
  • A warm jumper/jacket: Even if you're in boiling hot Aussie summer weather outside the plane, once you get on, and especially at night, it gets really cold! >A<!!
Also not pictured: your phone (self explanatory) and pads and tampons, ESPECIALLY if you're going to say, an Asian country, and generally use tampons. In Beijing at least, there's not as many options for tampons. And besides, what if you get your period on the plane? Yikes... ; _ ;

Hope you're all having a great holiday! I know I am ;)

Till next time, 


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