Sunday, 25 January 2015

Style diaries - Birthday dinner

Hey everybody! This is my last blog post written in Sydney for about a month ^^ Hopefully Blogger will work in China, if not... well... I'll have to find an alternative T^T I know my Lookbook will definitely not be blocked so if you are interested, please follow me there! 

Anyways, last night I went to the restaurant Black by Ezard for a close friend's 18th birthday party. Holy crap, the place is fancy. The bathrooms have wrapped scented hand towels instead of the coarse paper alternative, AND not only do they have these deliciously scented hand washes, they also had hand lotions. I was amazed.

It was also ridiculously hard to take selfies in there cos it was so dark xD So sadly I did not. T^T We had a really late dinner (started eating 10pm....!) When we first sat in, we were asked for ID xD Speaking of ID, my mum and dad dropped me off on the wrong side of the Star, so I had to walk through the casino...!! The dealers at those tables wore some snazzy outfits, for sure. 

Anyways, back to being seated, we started of with eating the typical bread-and-butter starter, however their bread was incredibly soft with butter AND sprinkled volcanic rock salt, giving it a tangy burst of flavour. 

After that, we shared entrees (and thank god, as I wouldn't have finished my main afterwards...) which had vegetarian, beef and crab options. They tasted amazing. The beef had some rice sort of crackers in them, making it taste sooo good. 

We also talked for ages. Here's the part where I can show you a photo of what I had, cos I finally took one xD

Pan fried toothfish with capers and soft herbs as the main dish, Egyptian Ice mocktail (consisting of tea, rose, hibiscus, apple and lime) and a white wine, which I took about two sips from xD It was sooo good! I regret not finishing the mocktail because by then I could almost not move, and I had to go due to a flight (tonight!!) But hey, I finished the fish as though my life depended on it xD It tasted amazing!!

Finally, the dress code was "cocktail" and I took liberties because I've had this OOTD in mind for a while... 

Sorry for blurry indoor photos, potato quality T^T I have to rely on a tripod and timer >A> ;; 

A very happy birthday to my close friend, if you're reading this! I hope you'll find my gift useful and enjoyed reading the mini essay I wrote you, 10/10 would go again. 

Also, eating so late was totally bad for me, I woke up at 5am with... hm, indigestion... (let's... leave it at that). The dream which I woke up from was also weird, and it involved Tokyo Ghoul xD)

Anyways, I've queued up another post. I'll be in China when it is updated, I think 8) 

Till next time, 

Amy xoxo


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