Friday, 12 December 2014

[Journal post] Post HSC life, part 2 - Formal and recent days

Hi everyone! How's it going?

Everything keeps on piling piling piling! D:

So I finally had my school formal at Curzon Hall! The food was REALLY good. Sadly, I couldn't eat it all... we had pesto pasta for entree, steak and mashed potato for main and a custard thing (?) with a waffle for dessert. 

One thing everyone was disappointed in was that our formal ended half an hour early with no warning whatsoever. We were not told before hand. We were NOT informed that this would happen, well before our organisers booked the time slot. 

What we ate: (sorry for blurry photos, lighting was SO BAD)

This is what I wore:

Even though it looks red, it's actually a fuchsia pink dress! Make-up was done at Mecca Maxima and I went away with a few products :D 

My accessories: 

Recently, a LOT has happened. Here's a rundown. 

- As mentioned in my previous post, I went to the White House Institute of Fashion graduation show, which I will blog about next post

- One of my chickens died due to a Vitamin B deficiency :'( I thought Gingerbread was going to get better as I started hand feeding her, but then she suddenly started to vomit water >A<;; I feel so bad about it... if I had seen the signs earlier, I definitely would have been able to save her. One of my other chickens started to show the same symptoms, but I put her on Vitamin B rich water and she was completely healthy two days later! I also changed their feed to something more nutritious >A< The other two chickens, Butterscotch and Sunshine, have also started growing larger! So cute ; u ;

I went out with friends to watch Mockingjay part 1. It was actually quite good, but also stressful as I had read the novel... and part of me hoped that things would go differently, lol. Absolute shivers when Katniss owned the fighter planes in district 8 and made all them propaganda vids, haha.

I also bought my parents gifts for Christmas. For my mum I got a Shiseido gift box and for my dad a 6-CD opera set :D I also bought myself a $10 League voucher (please don't judge me, I want MF's mafia skin and Caitlyn's resistance/winter skins so bad okay). I also want Janna's weather forecast skin but I'm gonna wait until there's a sale lol. Finally, I bought the latest jumbo issue of Frankie... which I'm saving to read on the plane when I go overseas xD

I've also been taking advantage of sales and buying things (y) Mostly from Sportsgirl but also from Glassons and Valleygirl, whose styles I all really like. :3

Till next time! 


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