Monday, 22 December 2014

[Journal & OOTD post] Whitehouse parade [PHOTO HEAVY]

Hi everyone! Recently I attended the Whitehouse Fashion Institute of Design graduate parade with fellow fashionista Katelyn (an intern for F&P) and friend of mine, Mel! Because recently I was awarded the Fashion Ambassador title for the formal dress business Fame & Partners, I was sent on a mission to report on the styles that were done at the parade, in collaboration with Katelyn! Here is the link to my post [x] 

Katelyn also mentioned me in a blog post here [x] which is pretty awesome! Haha

Here are some more photos that didn't make the cut (and some which did in higher resolution): 

whitehouse fashion institute

karen gillan lookalike

inspired, Alexander McQueen

retro bathing suits, 50s aesthetic

will o wisp

And here's my OOTD :D 

fashion, ootd, mint dress, silver flats, white leather clutch

Recently I also bought two pairs of circle lenses from Honeycolour. I'll be making a blog post about them soon.... believe it! xD 

Till next time!


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