Wednesday, 3 December 2014

[Journal & OOTD Post] Post HSC life, part 1,

Hello everyone! ^u^ Yay for regular (?) posts! 

Post HSC life has been great - but also remarkably busy! As I'm going overseas at the start of next year, I had to apply for a large range of paperwork, such as getting my driver's licence (finally) and completing forms for passports and a whole pile of other things that I'm just blocking out now to be honest haha. 

I've gone out a few times with friends, and my OOTD backlog is building up... :I Which is why I'm splitting this post into several parts. 

I've been playing games as well, such as the Castlevania series for the Nintendo DS and also League of Legends, which I kind of suck at but is really addictive. I main Miss Fortune and her bullet rain is such a wonderful technique, haha. Also for the Castlevania series I have nearly finished Dawn of Sorrow on hard mode and Order Ecclesia on normal mode (Order of Ecclesia is actually ridiculous in terms of difficulty >_> but at least it pushes me to think rather than spam-attack.)

Moving on! I went out with a friend twice. The first was to get formal stuff (and yes formal was great! A separate post will cover this) and the second was because one of my friends is moving interstate TAT;; I only have the image for the second one as the first got deleted as I had to wipe my laptop again... ugh... But it also means I can wear the first OOTD again, fight me.

Here is the second OOTD. I was inspired by primary school art teacher aesthetic.

I also am now the proud owner of three chickens, Sunshine, Butterscotch and Gingerbread. :) It was a bit of a whim but they are my first pets and I love them so much! They are such cuties. 

Their little house is different now, of course, with bedding, a feeder, a waterer and some fun little toys for them to perch on/play with :D But the only image I have is blurred right now Dx

Oh, and I also got a job tutoring young kids! It's really great when kids finally understand something they didn't get and become motivated again to work harder. 

Finally, yesterday I went to the graduation runway parade of Whitehouse Institute of Fashion as a blogger for Fame & Partners. I think I haven't mentioned it yet but I am now a Fashion Ambassador for the company as my entry into their competition got me into the top 50! Thanks everyone who voted! I'll make another post about it later ^^

Selfie from the day :D Follow my IG here 
I went with the winner of the competition, Katelyn, and a friend of mine as my guest. We interviewed a few of the students as well. Katelyn and I also collaborated on a post for Fame & Partner's blog, so I'll link in the separate post! Please check it out :D 

Till next time!


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