Friday, 26 December 2014

A letter from the blogger

Hi everyone! 

I think I've finally understood what it is I want to do with my blog. 

All along, it was an interest in writing, coupled with fashion and various other topics, that drove me to post. Sometimes I lost my way (Kill la Kill fans, shhh) and then other times I thought I found it. The problem was always deciding what 'niche' I wanted my blog to fit in - when honestly, I couldn't really think of categorising myself at all. When I finally read Frankie magazine, I started to understand. 

From a young age, I had been making booklets out of scraps of paper, calling them 'magazines' and writing whatever the hell I wanted to write that was related to 'fashion' and lifestyle. 

So it's high time I returned to those childhood days spent scribbling on scraps with pen and pacer, but with a more technologically inclined method. Yes, an e-zine. Am I being ridiculous? ...maybe. 

Will I be the better for it? I hope so. 

You can see that I've been changing my layout around as well. I hope you like the new design. And so, without further ado, I would like to re-introduce you to my blog/e-zine: 

sunlight streaming

the light that shone

To all my readers, thanks for sticking with me thus far. For all my new readers, welcome. 

Till next time!


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