Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Journal Post 27 - Things I bought and received

Hi everyone! It's been a busy busy two weeks! (Has it been two weeks? ; _ ;) 

Anyways here's a round up of some things I've bought/received/been up to! :D 

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froyo, frozen yoghurt, diet
New froyo place at local mall!

gun stockings, pistol, feminine edge
Gun stockings >:D
notebooks, anime transparent tumblr, free, attack on titan, hipster anime, psycho pass
Covered my notebooks for school! HSC here we go!
diet, salad, low carb, thinspiration
School lunch was appetising for once, haha!
And now for gifts from my friends! Sacrifices to the Queen of Hell

chimi chara eren jaeger, official attack on titan keychain
Official Eren Jaeger Chimi Chara keychain! Super cute >u<

rin matsuoka keychain, official, free iwatobi merchandise, rivaille, attack on titan, sticker
One friend KT got me the Eren and Rin keychains (RIN MY HUSBANDO) and another got me the Levi sticker plus a super cute mini glass ornament (not shown)! Also not shown I received a keychain from New Zealand by MK~ I really need to go to the country of the sheep someday ;D

shu uemura, 6 princess, takashi murakami, fuchsia fun-tasy, lip and cheek tint, skin miso, blackheads
Friend got me Shu Uemura's 6Princess Lippy! Been keen on getting one for a while <3 Also a sample SkinMiso pore treatment thingy (careful there the jargon's gettin' a little technical here haha) 

I also received two Attack on Titan folder files - super cute >u< ~ Perfect to put all my physics notes in! 
Things I have been doing~ 

the brink, the jezabels, sophomore album
Finally bought the latest Jezabels album - the Brink! See my review on my lit blog 

equip accessories, gold chain necklace, females, panty anarchy cosplay
Bought a necklace on sale from Equip - have been looking for a style like this for ages! It also fits in as an accessory for my Panty (PSG) cosplay, however can still work for smart-casual/formal occasions! Besides, I'm a SUCKER for gold accessories.

yum cha
Went back to my roots and celebrated Chinese New Year with the 'rents by having yum cha! 

yum cha, dessert, mango pudding, condensed milk
Yummy mango pudding! The condensed milk makes it A+ better :'D
senpai, senpai won't notice you, halloween anime costume, senpai costume, muck up photo
Year 12 Muck up photo! Sorry about that, kohais~ 

ulzzang, pretty, asian girl, doll
Do I look ulzzang here? Used a photo app to enhance features - I look like a doll! *u* My eye make up was super strong that day though ~

galston gorge, australian bush, australian scenery, abseiling
At camp and I went abseiling! Wish there was a photo of me being hardcore here, haha. Look at the scenery and the other people instead :D 
The camp I went on - well, there was a camp leader who literally said that if you don't believe in God you'll go to Hell - which may be true if you read some verses from the Bible, but kinda harsh, hey? I've had to reconsider my ideology and morals about Christianity... and I guess I'm going to Hell. See you guys there, I'm going to be Queen. >:D (Though seriously: while I do believe in a higher being, I have decided that I don't believe that it's necessarily the Biblical god, perhaps I could be labelled as a non-institutional Christian? Perhaps not even that. I'll have to see.)

On a more serious note, I got stung by something and developed a severe reaction to it. GOD'S JUDGEMENT? I'm getting better though, seriously. 

I've also decided that I'm interested in writing some more opinion-orientated posts onto this blog~ what do you think? 

Till next time!


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