Saturday, 4 January 2014

Tutorial 7 - Turquiose & gold stone nails

Hi everyone!

Here's a nail tutorial for nails inspired by the turquoise and gold stone trend that was about two years back. Interestingly though, in some lights, my nails look Frozen-inspired. If you replace the gold glitter with silver, it will probably be more accurate then! ^_^

What you need: 

nail polish, OPI, aqua, sally hansen, gem crush, hard as nails, big money, invisible

> Turquoise or aqua coloured nail polish base (pictured: OPI nail polish) My friend gave this to me and the sticker had already fallen off by the time I used it ; _ ;
> Gold glitter varnish (or silver if you want to go Disney Frozen) I used Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money
> Top coat - I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Invisible
> Nail polish remover, cotton buds and cotton pads to remove mistakes


opi aqua, nail polish, blue, aquamarine, turquoise, opi swatch

1. Apply a thin coat of the aqua or turquoise polish. When this dries, apply another thicker one on top. 
2. Apply a thick overcoat of clear polish. Wait until it dries.
3. Make sure there is as little product on the brush as possible when applying the glitter overcoat. If you apply too much, use a finger to firmly dab it so the excess comes off.
4. Apply a thin layer of the clear polish.
5. If necessary, use the cotton buds and nail polish remover to remove polish around the nails. 

Final result: 

frozen disney nails, turquoise and gold stone

Ta da! Instagram

And you're done! Try experimenting with other colours as well. Till next time!