Friday, 26 December 2014

A letter from the blogger

Hi everyone! 

I think I've finally understood what it is I want to do with my blog. 

All along, it was an interest in writing, coupled with fashion and various other topics, that drove me to post. Sometimes I lost my way (Kill la Kill fans, shhh) and then other times I thought I found it. The problem was always deciding what 'niche' I wanted my blog to fit in - when honestly, I couldn't really think of categorising myself at all. When I finally read Frankie magazine, I started to understand. 

From a young age, I had been making booklets out of scraps of paper, calling them 'magazines' and writing whatever the hell I wanted to write that was related to 'fashion' and lifestyle. 

So it's high time I returned to those childhood days spent scribbling on scraps with pen and pacer, but with a more technologically inclined method. Yes, an e-zine. Am I being ridiculous? ...maybe. 

Will I be the better for it? I hope so. 

You can see that I've been changing my layout around as well. I hope you like the new design. And so, without further ado, I would like to re-introduce you to my blog/e-zine: 

sunlight streaming

the light that shone

To all my readers, thanks for sticking with me thus far. For all my new readers, welcome. 

Till next time!

Monday, 22 December 2014

[Journal & OOTD post] Whitehouse parade [PHOTO HEAVY]

Hi everyone! Recently I attended the Whitehouse Fashion Institute of Design graduate parade with fellow fashionista Katelyn (an intern for F&P) and friend of mine, Mel! Because recently I was awarded the Fashion Ambassador title for the formal dress business Fame & Partners, I was sent on a mission to report on the styles that were done at the parade, in collaboration with Katelyn! Here is the link to my post [x] 

Katelyn also mentioned me in a blog post here [x] which is pretty awesome! Haha

Here are some more photos that didn't make the cut (and some which did in higher resolution): 

whitehouse fashion institute

karen gillan lookalike

inspired, Alexander McQueen

retro bathing suits, 50s aesthetic

will o wisp

And here's my OOTD :D 

fashion, ootd, mint dress, silver flats, white leather clutch

Recently I also bought two pairs of circle lenses from Honeycolour. I'll be making a blog post about them soon.... believe it! xD 

Till next time!

Friday, 12 December 2014

[Journal post] Post HSC life, part 2 - Formal and recent days

Hi everyone! How's it going?

Everything keeps on piling piling piling! D:

So I finally had my school formal at Curzon Hall! The food was REALLY good. Sadly, I couldn't eat it all... we had pesto pasta for entree, steak and mashed potato for main and a custard thing (?) with a waffle for dessert. 

One thing everyone was disappointed in was that our formal ended half an hour early with no warning whatsoever. We were not told before hand. We were NOT informed that this would happen, well before our organisers booked the time slot. 

What we ate: (sorry for blurry photos, lighting was SO BAD)

This is what I wore:

Even though it looks red, it's actually a fuchsia pink dress! Make-up was done at Mecca Maxima and I went away with a few products :D 

My accessories: 

Recently, a LOT has happened. Here's a rundown. 

- As mentioned in my previous post, I went to the White House Institute of Fashion graduation show, which I will blog about next post

- One of my chickens died due to a Vitamin B deficiency :'( I thought Gingerbread was going to get better as I started hand feeding her, but then she suddenly started to vomit water >A<;; I feel so bad about it... if I had seen the signs earlier, I definitely would have been able to save her. One of my other chickens started to show the same symptoms, but I put her on Vitamin B rich water and she was completely healthy two days later! I also changed their feed to something more nutritious >A< The other two chickens, Butterscotch and Sunshine, have also started growing larger! So cute ; u ;

I went out with friends to watch Mockingjay part 1. It was actually quite good, but also stressful as I had read the novel... and part of me hoped that things would go differently, lol. Absolute shivers when Katniss owned the fighter planes in district 8 and made all them propaganda vids, haha.

I also bought my parents gifts for Christmas. For my mum I got a Shiseido gift box and for my dad a 6-CD opera set :D I also bought myself a $10 League voucher (please don't judge me, I want MF's mafia skin and Caitlyn's resistance/winter skins so bad okay). I also want Janna's weather forecast skin but I'm gonna wait until there's a sale lol. Finally, I bought the latest jumbo issue of Frankie... which I'm saving to read on the plane when I go overseas xD

I've also been taking advantage of sales and buying things (y) Mostly from Sportsgirl but also from Glassons and Valleygirl, whose styles I all really like. :3

Till next time! 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

[Journal & OOTD Post] Post HSC life, part 1,

Hello everyone! ^u^ Yay for regular (?) posts! 

Post HSC life has been great - but also remarkably busy! As I'm going overseas at the start of next year, I had to apply for a large range of paperwork, such as getting my driver's licence (finally) and completing forms for passports and a whole pile of other things that I'm just blocking out now to be honest haha. 

I've gone out a few times with friends, and my OOTD backlog is building up... :I Which is why I'm splitting this post into several parts. 

I've been playing games as well, such as the Castlevania series for the Nintendo DS and also League of Legends, which I kind of suck at but is really addictive. I main Miss Fortune and her bullet rain is such a wonderful technique, haha. Also for the Castlevania series I have nearly finished Dawn of Sorrow on hard mode and Order Ecclesia on normal mode (Order of Ecclesia is actually ridiculous in terms of difficulty >_> but at least it pushes me to think rather than spam-attack.)

Moving on! I went out with a friend twice. The first was to get formal stuff (and yes formal was great! A separate post will cover this) and the second was because one of my friends is moving interstate TAT;; I only have the image for the second one as the first got deleted as I had to wipe my laptop again... ugh... But it also means I can wear the first OOTD again, fight me.

Here is the second OOTD. I was inspired by primary school art teacher aesthetic.

I also am now the proud owner of three chickens, Sunshine, Butterscotch and Gingerbread. :) It was a bit of a whim but they are my first pets and I love them so much! They are such cuties. 

Their little house is different now, of course, with bedding, a feeder, a waterer and some fun little toys for them to perch on/play with :D But the only image I have is blurred right now Dx

Oh, and I also got a job tutoring young kids! It's really great when kids finally understand something they didn't get and become motivated again to work harder. 

Finally, yesterday I went to the graduation runway parade of Whitehouse Institute of Fashion as a blogger for Fame & Partners. I think I haven't mentioned it yet but I am now a Fashion Ambassador for the company as my entry into their competition got me into the top 50! Thanks everyone who voted! I'll make another post about it later ^^

Selfie from the day :D Follow my IG here 
I went with the winner of the competition, Katelyn, and a friend of mine as my guest. We interviewed a few of the students as well. Katelyn and I also collaborated on a post for Fame & Partner's blog, so I'll link in the separate post! Please check it out :D 

Till next time!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

[REVIEW] Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I blogged due to exams but I'm back~ I decided to start off with a review on Sukin's Hydrating Mist Toner. 

The product 

The basics

How to use: Aim nozzle at face and spray lightly. Can be used before moisturiser and also throughout the day to 

Price: $8.99 AUD

Affordable replacement for: Jurlique's Hydrating Mist

Other benefits: Organic, and vegan-friendly

My thoughts

To be honest, while I use this as a toner it's not altogether effective as one. It definitely preps your skin for moisturising - I give it that, however it's not as great as some other products I've used. I found it surprisingly great for my t-zone area, as it did not block pores and so create 'excess oil'. It is comparable to a hydrating mist rather than a toner.

Advantages: Lightweight and gentle on skin; pleasant, light scent; affordable; organic and vegan-friendly

Disadvantages: Not effective for dry skin; offers very light assistance to moisturising

Skintypes: Sensitive, normal, oily 

The verdict

If your skin is dry, skip it. Otherwise, I think it's a pretty good product that isn't harsh on your skin but will only make moisturising a slightly easier task.

Till next time! 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

See you - on hiatus

I don't want to keep on thinking "oh, I should update this blog!" 

I have HSC exams and it's only another - what, five/six months? I have so much I want to blog about, truthfully, it's just I really don't have the time to do so. 

But I will come back when HSC is over - in November, I think!! 

Until then. Stay stylish :) 

Till next time! 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fashion post – 2014 trends with

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid for this post; however, I was sent the images by a representative of the company and was requested to write a post. All opinions are my own.

Hi everybody!

I actually haven’t had a trends post for a while now, though, haven’t I?

Anyways, sent me some exclusive images from their latest campaign~ (They’re also hosting a pretty awesome competition, so scroll down if you’re more interested in that!) These all showcase some of their stunning new releases in conjunction with upcoming trends!

The trends to look out for

I haven’t seen these as much just yet – which means their popularity is yet to peak. Get on them before they do! ;D

Metallics – I’ve been quite interested in a pair of silver Doc Martens, actually (though I also want a flower print pair – decisions, decisions!) Perhaps I’ll pick up a cute pair of shorts along the way~ This shade does tend to emphasise the part it is worn on – so if you are bottom heavy, try a metallic crop. 

drop waist dress, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends
Drop waist dress – super cute >u< I feel that depending on the length ratio of the top-to-bottom and the pattern of the dress, pretty much anyone can wear these. The gingham print one has captured my heart though – haha.

culottes, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

The culottes – these look really edgy but laid-back. A great androgynous fashion item~ Be careful not to choose a pair that will swamp your frame if you’re on the petite side, or look too baggy if you have an apple shape.

The blogger-to-street pieces

skort, metallics, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends
To explain what the title is – these are basically pieces that I’ve seen on the net very often, but very little in everyday life. Well, at least here in Sydney, Australia that’s the case. These would be the crop top and the skort (especially the skort). Though I have seen them quite frequently on and Chictopia, I daresay that most of us will not know someone who has one of these items – meaning it’s safe to snap up and start trending in our smaller communities! (Don’t laugh at me, I do this. Fight me.)

The trend-to-shape cheat sheet

jumpsuit, hourglass, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends
As you can see – the jumpsuit flatters the hourglass and pear shapes the most.

Although I am of the firm opinion that with the right cut, accessories and attitude you can pull off any piece, from the campaign there are some golden combinations that will just blow everyone else out of the water.

If you are athletic – try the double layer dress or bomber jacket.
If you are pear-shaped – try the crop top or a slip dress in a solid colour.
If you are apple-shaped – try the shirt or swing dress.
If you are tall – try the coordinate and culottes.
If you are petite – try the slip dress and the drop waist dress.
If you are hourglass – try the jumpsuit. 
To balance a top-heavy shape, try the culottes.
To give a softer, more youthful look try the drop waist separates.
For a more boyish and edgy look go for the shirt dress.
To create a more balanced shape go for the coordinate.
The illusion of longer legs will come with the skort.

But take these tips with a grain of salt. If you look in the mirror and think “hang on, I look good in this” then you’re right. Trust your instinct – you know your body shape and what flatters it more than I do!

Personal favourites

I’ve already said that metallics are culottes are in my favoured list – but so are the bomber jacket and the shirt dress! 

shirt dress, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends
Isn’t it just the cutest?

And now that I finished blabbing, time for the competition!

Rules are simple!
  • Have a look at the latest styles [x] (though you can technically tick this off!)
  • Wear an #ownit item (note: this does not have to be bought from
  • To enter, Instagram the look, tagging @boohooofficial with #ownit. You can also post an entry on your blog, however you are only eligible to win if you enter through Instagram! 

Easy, right? I personally won’t be entering due to this being my HSC year, however I would LOVE to see your entries! If you enter, it’d be real cool if you could tag me (@thatgirlsagenius) in the comments or tweet me a link at @sunlight_stream (scroll down to bottom of blog) as well~

Here are the rest of the images I was sent.

bomber jacket, swing dress, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

crop top, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

drop waist separates, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

jumpsuit, exclusive content, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

upcoming campaign, coordinate, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

double layer dress, slip dress, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends

What’s your favourite trend?

Till next time~

ownit, competition, win free clothes, style, boohoo, 2014 trends, cute, 2014 autumn, fashion trends