Sunday, 29 December 2013

Journal post 25 - Post Christmas Haul

Hi everyone~!

Just a quick post. I bought these the day after Boxing Day: 

sportsgirl, denim jacket, floral bag, colette, brogues, shiny, novo, leaf clips, equip

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Denim jacket from Sportsgirl
Floral bag from Colette 
Brogues from Novo
Leaf clips from Equip

My parents also bought me a new phone! I love love love the packaging~ Also have 10GB worth of space for apps, which is beautiful *u* My Samsung S2 only allowed for 2GB and I didn't know I could move to storage space or something until like the day before it broke. TuT;;

samsung galaxy s4, bamboo packaging

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Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Oh and just in case, have a happy new year! 

Till next time~

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