Thursday, 12 December 2013

Journal Post #24 - OOTD and other events

Hey everybody! 

It's nearing the end of another year, and it's been shockingly busy these past few months... don't expect it to ease up as I enter year 12. ; _ ; I have a ridiculous amount of products I was going to review but... uh... y-yeah... I will be attempting to go through them! ; u ;

So recently I went to watch the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who! It was quite wonderful :) I went with one of my friends, and my OOTD was Bad Wolf inspired: 

accordion pleats, pleats, bad wolf, doctor who outfits, rose tyler outfits, owl necklace, cream heeled brogues, peter pan collar, latte coloured

I'm wearing: Indie brand dress, Yesstyle cream brogues, Equip necklace and bracelet, Rubi Shoes socks

tickets, 50th anniversary, doctor who, the day of the doctor

Tickets! [x]

I also recently won a mask and novel from Formula 10.0.6, which I will review after reading the novel :D 

formula 10.0.6, lockwood and co, the screaming staircase, keep your cool mask, jonathan stroud

Formula 10.0.6 and novel [x]

In the last week of school, my group and I decided to do Kris Kringle. Our whole year also did these wonderful "warm and fuzzy notes", where we wrote sweet anons (or non-anon) to each other and put them in paper bags. I feel extremely loved. 

paper bags, paper notes, activities with your year group, kris kringle style, anonymous compliments

cute notes, colourful, paper notes, written compliments, anonymous stuff

Warm and fuzzy notes [x] [x]

My friend got me Lovisa accessories and an amazingly adorable Nutcracker card! It looks gorgeous. :3 

lovisa, yellow flowers, jewellery, nutcracker card, simple, ribbon, kris kringle, christmas presents

Kris Kringle gift [x]

Finally, yesterday I went to an event to assist in gift wrapping presents for the less fortunate. It was a rather humbling reminder of how some people face hardships such that gifts are a problem, and it was an honour to assist in wrapping toys and books for children of families (and cosmetics and such for older teens and adults) facing financial problems. I know a lot of people seem to think that "oh if you're poor, you shouldn't have nice things like toys etc" but that's truly an awful way to think, because all people deserve a reminder at Christmas that their lives matter, and that people do care for them. Haha went a bit social justice on you guys! But yeah, I truly believe that, and if any of you get the opportunity to assist your community in such a manner, take the chance! It's a great way to give back, or help others.

In other news, I've also watched season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, started Charmed and am rewatching Primeval. I should be doing work. Or writing reviews. Ah. 

Till next time! 


  1. Amazing post! And I love your blog:)

  2. Mechelle Winters-Webb10 March 2014 at 06:00

    May I ask, where u bought the dress? Have tried googling to find it but not finding it.

  3. Hi there - sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately I bought it from an independent boutique while I was in Melbourne - in a store around the St Kilda area if that helps. Really sorry about that! >A<

    Thanks for dropping by! ^0^


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