Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Journal Post 23 - My Birthday ParTEA [pic heavy]

Hi everyone! 

Not sure what time it is around the world now, but two days ago (4th August) was my birthday! 

selfie, asian, blouse, pink, blazer, gold necklace
Obligatory selfie haha

If you're only interested in the OOTD, it's at the bottom of the page~

I went out with some friends for high tea at Enigma at the Piazza! (First time having high tea, and it was absolutely delicious! Thanks Enigma for a great time, definitely going to have it again some time!) Here are some snaps~ As mentioned in captions, photos and their post-photography processing were taken by Nafisa Emma Chowdhury Photography [click on the link for her Twitter!] while edits done by me (and are pretty rushed OTL). 

wallpaper, background, knots, dark blue, enigma, greek
The gorgeous wallpaper *A*
The teacups are so cool~. I had Punjabi Chai. :D 
wrap, salmon, canape, vegetarian, light, food
Photography and post-photo processing by 
Nafisa Emma Chowdhury Photography, edit by me
scones, high tea, jam, scone, food
Scones and jam and cream. 
Photography and post-photo processing by Nafisa Emma Chowdhury Photography, edit by me 

macarons, greek yoghurt, dessert, pastries, cakes
Macarons and greek desserts
Photography and post-photo processing by Nafisa Emma Chowdhury Photography, edit by me
scones, high tea, jam, scream, food
Another pic of the scones and jam and cream :D
Photography and post-photo processing by Nafisa Emma Chowdhury Photography, edit by me

strawberry cheesecake, seventeen, desserts, high tea, pastries
My birthday cake (strawberry cheesecake)! Yep, I am now seventeen!!
Left photography and post-photo processing by Nafisa Emma Chowdhury Photography, edit by me
I also received lovely presents from all my friends *3* The photography I tried to do for this was done really badly, sorry TuT;; I edited it best as I could though~

body shop, strawberry shower gel, vanilla body butter
The Body Shop shower gel and body butter~ I've been deprived and never had TBS products before so can't wait to test these out~! *3* These products smell really good too, right? I might end up eating them (joking guys, I promise! That wouldn't taste good TuT)

whoopee cushion, whack-a-meerkat, kaleidoscope, ridley's
Waha! Whoopee cushion, Whack-a-meerkat mini game and kaleidoscope! *A*
Going to have fun testing the first one out. Not for the people I'm testing it on, though. Hehe
And the meerkat game is so addictive! I've actually wanted one of these for a while. Yay! Same with a kaleidoscope! 
optical illusion jigsaw puzzle, pretty jewellery box
Optical illusion jigsaw puzzle and super cute jewellery box! I'm going to have a tough time trying to piece the puzzle together I bet ahahah. The jewellery box is exciting though, because my jewellery is literally shoved into a bag T^T so bad of me... And my little pieces in particular are placed in sandwich bags omfg. :X Haven't had time to organise my stuff either TuT

japanese letter writing, origami paper
Japanese letter and origami paper! It's so pretty I don't think I'll ever actually use it. Probably just frame it and look at it lol. I also got a lovely Japanese teacup that's just the right size for me to bring to school! *3* Yes for tea every day now~ 
BENEFIT POREFRESSIONAL CREAM!!! I got a small sample for free when I bought some Benefit stuff a while back (Omg I STILL need to blog about it! Idiot >3<'') but I loved it and was scared to use it often otherwise it'd run out. Now I can use it a little more frequently~ yay~ I love Benefit so I'm super happy to get this primer! Not only that, the gift came with Benefit's miracle eye cream!  

vintage, fashion, vintage patterns, card
Card and vintage fashion book, came with patterns too! I can't wait to read through this! I've actually worn a 1950s style outfit for our school's 50's day, but I didn't blog about it I think.. >3<;; Anyway I'm so excited to make some more (legit) vintage styles! 
fashionable birthday card, seventeen
Card from my parents~ Of course my other friends all gave me cards or letters as well, except I took these photos after the event and was feeling lazy //bashed by my readers// They were all stunning and awesome and I shall display them on my desk and look at them every day :3  
I also received gift cards and cash, but I think it's inappropriate to post photos of money on the internet. Ahahaha. Thanks everyone who came ~~ 

We also went shopping afterwards. I bought an orange blouse and red and leather-detail blazer from SES, and three pairs of socks from Rubi Shoes. The blazer was only ~$15! Not only that, the fabric is surprisingly thick *3* 

red, blazer, leather detail, red leather, coral blouse, SES
Cranberry blazer with leather detail and coral blouse from SES
burgundy socks, pastel, rubi shoes
Socks~ tee hee~
I had so much fun! We only got one hour to go shopping because we were having so much fun the time passed so quickly TuT also my feet were killing me, and I had to leave early (from my own party! Ah!!) because I had to study for a Chemistry practical today. Which nearly killed me from how awful it was. >3>;; But hey, I'm better prepared for my yearlies, right? 

right, right? someone agree!! xD

Also here was my OOTD: 

country road blouse portmans blazer yesstyle lovisa oxfords

What I'm wearing: Country Road blouse, Colette necklace, Portmans Blazer, A.YiLian skirt, brandless tights, brandless striped socks, Yesstyle cream heeled oxfords, rings from Lovisa

Make up products used: Benefit Bad Gal mascara, Maybelline Baby Lips, Covergirl foundation,  Models Prefer concealer, Revlon eyeshadow, Tony Moly brown eyeliner, Maybelline black gel eyeliner, Estee Lauder blush, Maybelline power foundation

Just a heads up - updates are going to be a bit slow thanks to yearly exams, but after a few weeks... I'm (almost) free! Then once my English exams are over, I will upload tutorials!! Yay~~ I will be uploading another post within the next few weeks though. Just once after this time period I'll be uploading more frequently again. :D

Till next time! 


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