Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wrap Skort [How do you wear it?]

Hello everyone! 

Here's a trend I've noticed on Lookbook. Of course, don't forget that it's important to convey your own style no matter what trends are on at the moment, but I really like this trend, so I thought I'd share it with you, including other options and how to wear them~

What is it? I present to you... the skort! 

zara, wrap, skort, white, wrap skort
 Zara Skort 

More specifically, the wrap skort. The most popular option is the white one from Zara, but there are other fun options you can try. 

plain, black wrap, wrap skort
 Plain Wrap Skort from Yesstyle [x] $AU45.40

How to wear: For the monochrome colours, adding a matching blazer and a floral or coloured blouse, is a great way to dress up the skorts for a semi-formal outing. Wear to work with a long sleeved, tie collar blouse of contrasting colour.

bright, yellow, skort, wrap skort, bright skort
Yello Wrap Skort from Yesstyle [x] $AU24.44

How to wear: Keep it casual with an off-the-shoulder shirt or dress it up with a complementary-coloured blouse.

leather skort, wrap skort, brown leather, black leather
Asos Leather Wrap Skort [x] $AU96.36

How to wear: Keep it casual! You can wear what the model is wearing, or try the skirt with a jumper and studded accessories. If you're daring, pair with a black leather jacket and tan leather boots!

Either way, would you wear a wrap skort? If so which skort is your favourite? 
(I think I'd go for a citrus coloured skort! Also please let me know if these type of posts are helpful in any way ^_^)
Till next time~ 


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