Monday, 1 July 2013

Tutorial 5 - Rose gold and black lace nails! (+ fixing it)

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last tutorial, huh~? 

Anyways, here's the tutorial I promised for my nails from the party (see last post). 

Note (I need to get into this habit! I keep forgetting): This post has not been sponsored in any way~

What you need: 

- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Bamboo Shoot
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Invisible
- Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money (see below)

- Sally Hansen nail polish remover
- Black floral/lacy nail art (you can easily get them from Priceline~)
- Q tips/cotton buds

1. Coat your nails with two thin layers of Bamboo Shoot. Don't worry if the polish looks a bit see through, and make sure the first layer is dry before applying the second layer. 

2. Depending on how "sparkly" you want your nail polish to be. apply either a thin or thick layer of Big Money. Wait for it to dry~ Like below, it may be a little messy around the edges but we'll get to that later~

3. Stick on the nail art. You can stick them on the tips, but I think they look better on the moons of the nails (see below)

4. Give a final coat of Invisible to seal the nail art and nail polish. 
5. Dip the cotton bud or Q-tip into the nail polish remover and gently rub at the polish that has leaked onto the surrounding skin. 

And you're done! 

Final product: 

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However... after a week, my manicure started growing out and some of the nail polish that peeked through started chipping ^_^;;

So how to fix the manicure? 

You'll need: 
- Cotton make up remover pads
- Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money

1. Remove as much of the nail polish as you can. The Gem Crush polishes are pretty difficult to remove, so try your best! ~

2. Wash your hands to get rid of any cotton strands that got stuck to your nails in the process. Dry them~

3. Apply two thin layers of Big Money (waiting for the polish to dry in between application). 

4. Optional: Cover with another layer of Hard as Nails in Invisible 

This is the only image I have of these nails (haha):

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I'm biding my time for the nail art to fall off/be gradually cut off and then I'll just remove the nail polish, haha. 

Hope this was helpful, or at least gave you inspiration. 

Till next time! :3 


  1. They look amazing! I'm terrible at painting my nails neatly...
    I followed your blog. Please check out mine :)


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