Thursday, 25 July 2013

5 Ways to Regain Your Fashion Muse

Ever felt like you were "so over" the clothes in your wardrobe, or the style you've been following for years? Or maybe you've felt like you've been wearing OOTDs that look pretty much the same but with slightly differently coloured items? Perhaps you want a revamp, but don't know where to start...

Here's five ways to get those styles back on track, and be better inspired than ever!

1. Look up a new style

Extra points if it's COMPLETELY different to your own! Though I adore fitted, pastel colours, recently I've been inspired by the loose-fitting, earthy colours of Mori Girl fashion. "Rules" in different trends can be easily incorporated into your own eclectic style in order to improve and freshen your wardrobe. You don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe either, perhaps adding "Tree of Life" jewellery or "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright" knee-socks is what gives your coordinates that extra za-zing!

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2. Listen to music

I know some people say that fashion and music should't be closely inter-related. But who's not to say that you can't get inspired? Listen (and really listen) to your favourite songs, especially those that you used to love, or look up new songs by old favourite artists. Even better, research the music video and the lyrics (if they're in another language) for more inspo! (My current loves are the MVs for f(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" and Lee Hi's "Rose"!) 

If you're not really inspired by music, try films that have won awards for Cinematography or Costumes, or head over to Deviantart and look at some of the amazing artworks that have received the "Daily Deviation" awards! 

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3. Research, research, research

The internet is an absolute treasure trove of styles, past and present. Search up lists of alternate styles, current styles or maybe further research a fashion you've been interested in and want to know more about. I find what's interesting is to search "What style am I wearing?" and try to pinpoint current influences, before searching for more background information on them. For example, a while back I didn't realise that my "minimal" style was actually closer to "K-fashion" and found many amazing blogs to further inspire my own style. 

Great sites to look up are Lookbook, Chictopia, Tumblr and Pinterest. If you're on all of these already, log out of your Paypal account (or any other similar banking account) and go "window shopping"! 

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4. History repeats itself!

It's no secret that fashion styles come in cycles. Whether it's the bright overalls of the 90s or the tiny mini skirts of the 60s, a sure-fire way to freshen your look is to... go old! I was surprised recently to find that the recent revival in clear clutches had also occurred in 2010. Try researching "history of [fashion style name]". Or, go to archives on Lookbook or your favourite blog and see what your fave fashionistas were wearing several years ago!

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5. Juxtaposition

"Oh no. Is this girl trying to give an English lesson..." I hear you say! In reality, there are quite a few styles that have arisen as a result of contrasting two completely different styles. Off the top of my head, I can think of the pastel grunge and Himegyaru styles. Of course, you might be afraid that people will look at your idea and think "no, this looks awful." Don't you worry now - nobody got anywhere by being worried about others' opinions. Give it a go, and ask for genuine feedback on what people think of your style. If you think it looks "right" then it should be fine! Besides... isn't fashion an expression of your own personality? 

What are some things you do to regain your fashion muse? Comment below! 

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Till next time!


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