Friday, 7 June 2013

Review post 20 - Sukin face moisturiser

 Hi everyone!

So this is a moisturiser I've been using over the past few weeks.

 Product packaging~

 Product packaging~

The moisturiser is from the Sukin range, which is environmentally friendly by the way!  It is also quite affordable, being around $AU10 :)

Opinion: The moisturiser has a strange smell (to me it smells like rose-scented play dough) and is a little watery. When I have dry skin, it definitely doesn't moisturise it completely, and worsens oily skin so be careful! The moisturiser is best suited for sensitive or normal skin types ^_^ Otherwise, I found that it is an affordable moisturiser that does a mediocre job. There's nothing special about it (apart from being environmentally friendly, though) but it isn't completely bad, either.

 Dot of moisturiser~

 Spread over back of hand
Blended in

Rating: 6.5/10 (Average, but being environmentally friendly is a plus)

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