Monday, 24 June 2013

Journal Post 22 - Party

Hi everyone! How are you guys going~?

On Friday I went on a last-minute shopping trip with a friend of mine to buy stuff for a party (on the next day!! ouo;;) Anyway! Here's some of the stuff I bought~

We had a great, busy and fun time shopping!

Here's my party outfit~ The theme was black and gold. My feet hurt so much after dancing - even though my heels were tiny! My friends all accused me of being weak. /sobbingforever

Close up on the rings I wore~ 

I'll make a tutorial for the nails later! ^_^

On another note, I went to the dentist's today and I HAVE A CAVITY IN one of my teeth! Goodbye sweet foods! /crying forever On the bright side, at least I can reduce my sugar levels and lose weight! 

Hahaha, maybe? 

Anyways, I've been busy as always and I'll try to post more often now that it's the holidays, but I can't promise anything because once I get back to school there is a deluge of exams waiting for me... o u o;;

Have a great week! 

Till next time~


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