Thursday, 13 June 2013

Blog design change~

Hi everyone! 

I changed the design of the blog again~ o uo I really wasn't fond of my previous banner, but I couldn't find the original picture that I wanted to use because my USB deleted it! (Grrr~) But thankfully, bored in Physics today, so I checked all the images I had on the laptop and I managed to find a back up! Yay! 

My aim was to make the design of the blog look cleaner. 

Let me know what you think ^0^

Also~ more reviews will be coming up after a week. I now better go off and prepare for tomorrow's exam o uo''

Till next time~!


  1. i just changed mine too!
    Following you now!

    hope you visit my blog & follow too if you like :)
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  2. This mint color theme looks fresh and soothing to the eyes, its nice!


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