Friday, 10 May 2013

Review post 19 - Privia face mask

Hi everyone! Here's the latest review! Pretty short too >A< I bought this mask on a whim~

Name: Privia Hyaluronic Acid face mask (for a second I thought it said hydrochloric ahahhaha)
Bought from: Morning Glory ($2)

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of myself with it on (well at least not a good picture, it's very dark!)

Opinion: I found it very moisturising, however when you take it off it may leave a lot of residue on your face x_x I had to rinse it off. The mask itself was a little large for my face, but you can cut it off/fold it over itself if you want. Anyways, afterwards my skin was pretty soft and smooth ^_^

Rating: While I did like this mask, I didn't find it to be a favourite as I felt like my pores were a little clogged, so my final rating is 6/10 ^_^ If you have really dry skin though, you may want to check this mask out.

PS: Unrelated, but my blog design has been finalised! I may change again to a different photo as I wanted to put a coord into the banner ^_^'' And check out my Facebook page for random advice and so on. [x]

Till next time!


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  3. from your review, this mask doesn't seem that bad :D
    Lali pops of colour


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