Sunday, 19 May 2013

Journal post 21 - Outings and hauls (Pic heavy!)

Hi everyone~ I'm just going to do a quick recap of what I did over the holidays before I went back to school and some hauls /cryingforever

I had two more outings. The first was with some friends to celebrate another friend's birthday at an ice skating and had Max Brenner's afterward! It was delicious ^_^ I ate banana and choc crepes with ice cream and mint hot chocolate:

  I was so hungry after ice skating, ate it all! xD
 So yummy~

The second was with an out-of-school friend and we went shopping at our local mall~ We also did purikura and window shopped! We also caught up on gossip and the like ;)

For lunch I ate chicken caesar salad and had a mocha frappe.

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Like on Instagram [x]

Silly me drank two mochas in the late afternoon, and that night I couldn't sleep until 5 am in the morning! ToT

Also, over the past few weeks I bought several items of clothing and beauty products! Here's a quick update as to what I bought:

Essentials from Dotti:

Lace tank for $9.95~

Two plain tanks in black and white ($4.95 each, I just took a photo of the black one cause I'm wearing the white one hahaha)

Jumper from Glue



I love this jumper. It's so warm ^0^

Knee length socks

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I got these from a stall in the local shopping centre :)

I also received my package from Sasa:

Face masks and moisturiser~ ^_^

And finally today I bought two belts on sale from Myer, and a jumper and jeans from JayJays~ (everything was on sale!)

 ^It's a bit more green than that~
 ^Belts were so cheap! Only $3.50 each~! And the right one is a beige-y pinkier colour ^0^
 Acid wash for the win~ and studs o3o)b

That's all for today~ What great deals have you been nabbing? Or which of these are your favourites? Leave a comment below! Till next time! :)


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  2. Hi dear, really nice haul! I love the jeans, kisses chris

  3. great haul! but the food <3 looks so deliciousss
    Lali pops of colour

  4. Great post!


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