Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Journal Post #18 - Post Christmas sales (warning: picture heavy!)

Hi all! I'll be back full force within a few days ^0^ 

Anyway, two days ago I went out to go shopping in the CBD and boy I snagged some pretty good deals if I say so myself! Ahahah. I wanted to buy some shoes and bags though, except my dad came early to pick us up =__= *sighs* Anyways~



First deal was at Topshop! I usually don't shop at Topshop because some of the style doesn't really suit me OTL but I found this pretty chic sweater (?) for only $25! A lot of stuff was sold for 50% off and since it's a perfect colour and design for autumn, I thought, why not?! 

(Original: $50, bought for: $25, deal: 50% off) 

Next I went to Myer. I went to their Miss Shop section and bought a super cute striped dress~ It's from the Quirky Circus range by Minkpink.

(Original: $50, bought for: $35, deal: 30% off) 

I also went to the Benefit counter. Benefit's a brand I've been coveting for ages so I thought I might as well go nab a few deals! 

I bought the Passport to Posh kit, which is basically for your eyes. It includes Bad Gal Lash mascara, three powder shadows (highlight, accent, crease), two brushes, creaseless cream shadow/liner, Boi-ing and Eye Bright. They're all in sample-ish sizes, but it's a great way to try out several products at once and see which is the best for you! 

Front of box

Back of box

 Instruction booklet inside

Inside of box~

(Original: $69, bought for: $52, deal: approx 25% off)

I also impulsively bought a Radiant Skincare set. I'm not sure how much it was originally (bad girl, Amy!!!) but it was only $24 so I thought, why not?! 

It includes face wash, face polish, eye cream and three different types of moisturiser. <3 The bottles are soo cute too!

I also got a free, sample size Porefressional. ^_^ The girl who served me was very nice, by the way. ;/////; I kept lingering around the counter before I bought the stuff ahahahah

Other things I got: 

Two ankle cuffs from Diva. Valued around $20, I think, but I only got them for $8~ 

I also bought a set of acrylic nails from Daiso~

Sorry about some of the dodgy quality pictures. For some reason I had set the pixel ratio to some really bad quality size. >.>'' So half of the pictures are okay, half are like... /what/ xD

There are so many products I keep putting off reviewing. ; ^ ; I'm in the process of writing three reviews which will be scheduled so look forward to that! And a few important tutorials too > A < Bear with me, everyone! 

Oh and don't be shy! Comment below what awesome deals you got! :D

Till next time!


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  2. Ohhh, I`m so envious about your new purchases... I plan to attack the sales today <3
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  3. I love the mint green dress! Following you now, maybe you would like to follow back?
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  5. I like the dress in the first picture. :)
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  6. You got some great deals honey! The striped dress is too cute :)



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