Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! 2012 highlights and 2013 resolutions

Hey everyone~ I've been busy with other things ;_; though I have been writing a journal post about my recent purchases, and I think that's scheduled to be posted later today, hehehe. ^_^

Anyways, it's 2013 now! Can you believe it? I can't, because I spent NYE reading manga (why, Amy, why?!!) 

But yeah. So here's a quick post of the highlights of 2012. 

 Haha geddit? /shot

1. I started my blog in January. I had no real idea of what I was going to blog about, just that I wanted to write. The first few months were a little boring and unstructured as I really SERIOUSLY had no idea what I was doing, hahaha. 

2. I met my favourite author, Eoin Colfer, though I never expected to. At all. > 3 < 

3. I went to Melbourne for the first time. In fact, I went TWICE and fell in love with the city ;/////; 

4. I developed my makeup and fashion tastes. I also created several different accounts and slowly got more and more fans <3 

5. Second half of the year, I got good marks for my report :3 

6. I made new and closer friends <3 As well as a few blogging friends/acquaintances! ^0^

So what about resolutions? 

Isn't it adorable? Get it here

1. Blog more regularly in 2013. 

2. Study harder. 

3. Get a job! Ahahaha

4. Care less about what others think of me.


6. Figure out how to install Disqus into Blogger D:<
And that's about it. What about you guys? What have been your highlights and your resolutions? Comment below :3

Have a safe New Year, guys. PARTY HARD but don't get too drunk ;) 

I'm looking forward to blogging for another awesome year.  ;/////;

Till next time! 


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