Friday, 25 January 2013

Dealing with monthly cycles

Hi! Sorry for not updating recently. This is possibly a little awkward and off topic for some of my male readers, so feel free to skip out! I'll go back to fashion and beauty next post but I thought that this might be helpful for some of you girls! (Because we all have these, right?!) 

Truthfully, my period pains are not extremely painful for me (though there are times that I've had quite a bit of agony) and I think it's because I follow all the things that I normally do (that are listed below).

Remember though: If you have any abnormal flow or pains, go see a doctor! I am no medical expert and these 'remedies' will simply alleviate pains. 

1. Cut out artificial sugars, fats and oils

While cutting these out WON'T make your pain go away and so on, just remember that artificial sugars, oils and fats can make you feel sluggish. As a result, your pain may be less tolerant of pain.

Though dark chocolate's great! :D

2. Exercise!

Exercising such as stretching and going out for a walk are also a great way to keep yourself energised and not grumpy so that the pain will be less tolerable. But keep it moderate! Strenuous activity will result in making you feel worse.

3. Yin and Yang

Some of you may have tried Eastern medicine, which are natural remedies that stem from the idea of yin and yang. While certain diseases are incurable by Eastern medicine, some minor injuries or illnesses can be alleviated naturally and slowly. Now, I don't think there is a medicine that will stop your pain (apart from painkillers, but they don't stop them :P) but applying such 'rules' to your diet may work.

The main concept I'll be talking about is that when you get your period, your body has an influx of yin. All foods and consumables are either yin or yang. To alleviate period pain, one should reduce the amount of Yin they consume (especially if your diet is more yin than yang.)

Foods to avoid throughout: Cold foods such as icecream and frozen stuff (yep it's pretty painful to do in summer) and shellfish.

Foods to avoid during heavier flows: Overly spicy, sour and bitter foods. Seafood is also best avoided, though salmon seems to be fine. 

Foods that can help you feel better: Warm foods and drinks, ginger.

Just remember to keep a balanced diet - malnutrition will also contribute to lack of tolerance for the pain. 

Oh, and you know how people say that a heat pack on your stomach feels great? They're actually unknowingly following these principles~ (And yes, heat packs are great on your stomach.)

This probably does sound a little wacky, but I think it really does work. You don't have to try it, though.

Yay soup!

So that's pretty much it! What are some things you guys do to alleviate pain (apart from painkillers)? Comment below ^_^

I'll continue with beauty and fashion posts soon, I've just been busy trying to finish off an essay for English D;

Till next time! ^0^


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