Monday, 28 January 2013

OOTD post 3 - Don't break me down

Hey guys! Today I went out with a few close friends to go shopping C: We hung out, went to Myer and tried some products, ate and really just enjoyed each others' company ^_^ 

I had this delicious choc chip waffle~ :'D Hmm I don't think I took any photos... 

Anyhow, I recently got terribly sunburnt, so my next post will probably about dealing with sunburn... 

This is what I wore~ 

More images: 

Necklace went wrong way, sigh...

It was suddenly quite cool today... D: But at least it hid my sunburn! Hahah.

I bought 10 manga for $20, a guide for $8 and a book about terrible dates for $1. Hahahah! But yes, that was pretty much it :D 

It was incredibly fun though, hadn't seen my friends all holidays T_T and school starts in three days... *shudders* 

Till next time!  

Friday, 25 January 2013

Dealing with monthly cycles

Hi! Sorry for not updating recently. This is possibly a little awkward and off topic for some of my male readers, so feel free to skip out! I'll go back to fashion and beauty next post but I thought that this might be helpful for some of you girls! (Because we all have these, right?!) 

Truthfully, my period pains are not extremely painful for me (though there are times that I've had quite a bit of agony) and I think it's because I follow all the things that I normally do (that are listed below).

Remember though: If you have any abnormal flow or pains, go see a doctor! I am no medical expert and these 'remedies' will simply alleviate pains. 

1. Cut out artificial sugars, fats and oils

While cutting these out WON'T make your pain go away and so on, just remember that artificial sugars, oils and fats can make you feel sluggish. As a result, your pain may be less tolerant of pain.

Though dark chocolate's great! :D

2. Exercise!

Exercising such as stretching and going out for a walk are also a great way to keep yourself energised and not grumpy so that the pain will be less tolerable. But keep it moderate! Strenuous activity will result in making you feel worse.

3. Yin and Yang

Some of you may have tried Eastern medicine, which are natural remedies that stem from the idea of yin and yang. While certain diseases are incurable by Eastern medicine, some minor injuries or illnesses can be alleviated naturally and slowly. Now, I don't think there is a medicine that will stop your pain (apart from painkillers, but they don't stop them :P) but applying such 'rules' to your diet may work.

The main concept I'll be talking about is that when you get your period, your body has an influx of yin. All foods and consumables are either yin or yang. To alleviate period pain, one should reduce the amount of Yin they consume (especially if your diet is more yin than yang.)

Foods to avoid throughout: Cold foods such as icecream and frozen stuff (yep it's pretty painful to do in summer) and shellfish.

Foods to avoid during heavier flows: Overly spicy, sour and bitter foods. Seafood is also best avoided, though salmon seems to be fine. 

Foods that can help you feel better: Warm foods and drinks, ginger.

Just remember to keep a balanced diet - malnutrition will also contribute to lack of tolerance for the pain. 

Oh, and you know how people say that a heat pack on your stomach feels great? They're actually unknowingly following these principles~ (And yes, heat packs are great on your stomach.)

This probably does sound a little wacky, but I think it really does work. You don't have to try it, though.

Yay soup!

So that's pretty much it! What are some things you guys do to alleviate pain (apart from painkillers)? Comment below ^_^

I'll continue with beauty and fashion posts soon, I've just been busy trying to finish off an essay for English D;

Till next time! ^0^

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Journal Post 19 - Mini haul

Hello everyone <3 Just going to make a quick post on some bargains I nabbed~

Accessories from Equip - I bought all these for only $15!! :O

I've been lusting after a maxi skirt for ages. I bought one off Ebay (as it was recommended by one of my favourite bloggers) but the skirt turned out to be a salmon-ish pink and it reached mid-calf rather than my ankles... /first world problems... Anyhow, this skirt can be worn high waist and it'll still reach my ankles o3o)b And I only got it for $10!! 

Also, the sleeveless blouse was bought for only $15. It has some leather details that are great for autumn~!

Both items of clothing are from SES, a super cheap chain retail in Australia that provides great staples. 

Anyways, what are some great bargains you guys have been getting lately? 

I'll also try to review some more products, and upload some makeup tutorials ~ Here's something else I've been doing lately: 

Till next time!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Review post #16 - Natio brushes

Hey guys! So I'm back to review the Natio brushes I bought a little while ago ^_^

I bought the Natio foundation and powder brushes. 

My opinions:

Overall: I rather like the sleek, semi-opaque handle design and the brushes' bristles are quite soft. 

Foundation brush - I think it's okay as a beginner brush, however it's not that great at blending liquid foundation right into the skin. I feel as if I waste too much product and I have to tap some off/wipe off excess with fingers. I actually feel as if my fingers are better at blending in liquid foundation than this brush. It's surprisingly good at blending stick foundation/concealer in, though, so if you are in search of a good brush for that (that is also affordable) try this one out.

Sadly though, I prefer liquid foundation so it's not that much use to me ; 3 ; 

Rating: 1/5 for liquid foundation, 4/5 for stick foundation

Powder brush - I really like this brush! It is super soft and fluffy (so it won't damage your skin), but more importantly it doesn't pick up too much powder, allowing better control of how much powder foundation you use (so you don't looked caked!) Also, remember that using a brush to apply powder looks much more natural than a sponge or powder puff.

Rating: 5/5

Oh and these two brushes were only $15 each, so quite a bargain :'D 

Do you use any Natio brushes? What do you think of them? Leave a comment below~

Till next time!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Journal Post #18 - Post Christmas sales (warning: picture heavy!)

Hi all! I'll be back full force within a few days ^0^ 

Anyway, two days ago I went out to go shopping in the CBD and boy I snagged some pretty good deals if I say so myself! Ahahah. I wanted to buy some shoes and bags though, except my dad came early to pick us up =__= *sighs* Anyways~



First deal was at Topshop! I usually don't shop at Topshop because some of the style doesn't really suit me OTL but I found this pretty chic sweater (?) for only $25! A lot of stuff was sold for 50% off and since it's a perfect colour and design for autumn, I thought, why not?! 

(Original: $50, bought for: $25, deal: 50% off) 

Next I went to Myer. I went to their Miss Shop section and bought a super cute striped dress~ It's from the Quirky Circus range by Minkpink.

(Original: $50, bought for: $35, deal: 30% off) 

I also went to the Benefit counter. Benefit's a brand I've been coveting for ages so I thought I might as well go nab a few deals! 

I bought the Passport to Posh kit, which is basically for your eyes. It includes Bad Gal Lash mascara, three powder shadows (highlight, accent, crease), two brushes, creaseless cream shadow/liner, Boi-ing and Eye Bright. They're all in sample-ish sizes, but it's a great way to try out several products at once and see which is the best for you! 

Front of box

Back of box

 Instruction booklet inside

Inside of box~

(Original: $69, bought for: $52, deal: approx 25% off)

I also impulsively bought a Radiant Skincare set. I'm not sure how much it was originally (bad girl, Amy!!!) but it was only $24 so I thought, why not?! 

It includes face wash, face polish, eye cream and three different types of moisturiser. <3 The bottles are soo cute too!

I also got a free, sample size Porefressional. ^_^ The girl who served me was very nice, by the way. ;/////; I kept lingering around the counter before I bought the stuff ahahahah

Other things I got: 

Two ankle cuffs from Diva. Valued around $20, I think, but I only got them for $8~ 

I also bought a set of acrylic nails from Daiso~

Sorry about some of the dodgy quality pictures. For some reason I had set the pixel ratio to some really bad quality size. >.>'' So half of the pictures are okay, half are like... /what/ xD

There are so many products I keep putting off reviewing. ; ^ ; I'm in the process of writing three reviews which will be scheduled so look forward to that! And a few important tutorials too > A < Bear with me, everyone! 

Oh and don't be shy! Comment below what awesome deals you got! :D

Till next time!

Happy New Year! 2012 highlights and 2013 resolutions

Hey everyone~ I've been busy with other things ;_; though I have been writing a journal post about my recent purchases, and I think that's scheduled to be posted later today, hehehe. ^_^

Anyways, it's 2013 now! Can you believe it? I can't, because I spent NYE reading manga (why, Amy, why?!!) 

But yeah. So here's a quick post of the highlights of 2012. 

 Haha geddit? /shot

1. I started my blog in January. I had no real idea of what I was going to blog about, just that I wanted to write. The first few months were a little boring and unstructured as I really SERIOUSLY had no idea what I was doing, hahaha. 

2. I met my favourite author, Eoin Colfer, though I never expected to. At all. > 3 < 

3. I went to Melbourne for the first time. In fact, I went TWICE and fell in love with the city ;/////; 

4. I developed my makeup and fashion tastes. I also created several different accounts and slowly got more and more fans <3 

5. Second half of the year, I got good marks for my report :3 

6. I made new and closer friends <3 As well as a few blogging friends/acquaintances! ^0^

So what about resolutions? 

Isn't it adorable? Get it here

1. Blog more regularly in 2013. 

2. Study harder. 

3. Get a job! Ahahaha

4. Care less about what others think of me.


6. Figure out how to install Disqus into Blogger D:<
And that's about it. What about you guys? What have been your highlights and your resolutions? Comment below :3

Have a safe New Year, guys. PARTY HARD but don't get too drunk ;) 

I'm looking forward to blogging for another awesome year.  ;/////;

Till next time!