Monday, 24 December 2012

Tutorial 4 - Last minute Christmas nails

Hey guys ^0^ 

I know, should have done this earlier! It's in two stages though: last minute nails and designs for if you have more time!

What you need:

Red nail polish (I got mine from Daiso lolol)
Green nail polish (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Green with Envy)
Silver nail polish (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Celeb City)
Clear topcoat (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Invisible)
Scotch tape/sticky tape (I used eyelid tape /shot)
Nail scissors
Nail brush (I used a thin one hardened by nail polish from Daiso) 

*Hint: I hate having dark red with dark green so used a paler, lime green instead. The red also has a fuchsia pink undertone.

Time is ticking
Ticking ticking ticking

Let's start!

The quick version

1. Apply a base coat of green or red. You can alternate or something too.

2. Use the nail brush to stipple silver polish in a tinsel like pattern across the nails.

3. Apply clear top coat. Done!

Christmas Stripes

1. Apply a layer of green or red as the base coat. It doesn't really matter which one, though the lighter shade is probably a better choice. 

2. After drying, cut thin strips of tape and apply onto the nail following the growth line OR diagonally. You can do across the nails, but to lengthen my nails I did it vertically. ^_^ 

3. Remove stencils. If you have time, gently dab the nail brush in the silver nail polish and stipple to create a tinsel look. 

4. Apply a clear top coat. You're done! 

The Christmas Tree

1. Apply a base coat of green.

2.  Cut out the shape of a tree into the tape.

3. Stick onto nails and paint over stencil in silver. Remove stencils once nails are dry.

5. Topcoat ^0^

And there we go! You can alternate them all, too. 

Here's my result: 

Have fun! 

Which are your fave designs? ^_^

Till next time~


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