Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tutorial #3 - Elegant nails tutorial (picture heavy)

Hey guys! Churning out the nails tutorials :D 

I had these for Sunday's cocktail party. 

What you need

-> Pale pink nail polish (I'm using Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails polish in Bamboo Shoot) 

-> Silver nail polish (Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Celeb City) 
-> Clear topcoat (Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Invisible)
-> Sticky tape/scotch tape/etc (I legit used some from a roll of eyelid tape LOL)

-> Lace/flowery nail art, white in colour 
-> Nail scissors 

Let's do it!

1. Apply the Bamboo Shoot nail polish over your nails. I had to apply two/three layers for it to be opaque ^_^ Leave to completely dry.

2. Cut a thin strip of tape and place onto your nails. I like to have a strip close to the edge on shorter nails and further on the longer ones. If your nail is slightly asymmetrical, you can paint the silver on the opposite side to make it look 'perfect'! ^_^

 Left hand

Right hand

3. Paint the silver nail polish as desired and let it dry. The silver nail polish is also good at hiding mistakes, which are more obvious in paler polishes. The nails on my right hand are not as good since I'm right handed, so I hid most of the mistakes with the silver, haha ^_^

4. Select a few nail art stickers that are the right size and stick them on your nails. This depends purely on your preference, really. 

5. Apply a topcoat and let it dry. Apply a second topcoat if desired.

6. And you're done! 

Till next time! ^_^


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