Saturday, 8 December 2012

Review post 13 - Sally Hansen silver nail polish

Hey everyone! I have a few posts queued so hopefully that'll make my updates seem more frequent ;D (I actually have a lot of products to review OTL) 

So recently I bought several Sally Hansen nail polishes. 

Before I wipe all my nails for tomorrow (party~) I am going to review a nail polish and post a basic tutorial~ 

So I this is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails series in number 220, or "Celeb City". 

Coverage: The first layer is of a medium opacity, but after two layers, it is very much opaque! 

Chipping: I honestly cannot say for sure how long it takes to chip as I've applied a topcoat of Sally Hansen's Invisible. It seems pretty strong though! ^_^

Colour: It's an incredible metallic colour - you can clearly see that is sparkles and is not just a matte silver. Personally, I found that this colour doesn't really flatter me as a nail polish. ^_^'' I did find that using it as an accent gives a pretty amazing result, as you'll see in my next post ^_^

Also, it reminds me of the Cybermen hahahah

These polishes are also great on your wallet - they're only $6.95 per polish (remember that's $7! ;D). 

Overall rating: 7/10

Till next time! 


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