Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Journal post 16 - Day out shopping with friends

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating regularly, I've been filming something for Tropfest and so I haven't had much time >A<'' Sorry ;3;

Anyways yesterday I went with my friends to our local shopping center! I bought a set of eco-friendly make up brushes! They are for eye make up and come with a mirror ^_^ I will post a review within the month! ^_^

Here's a crazy selfie! 

And yes, I stood in front of a mirror and took the photo! I thought it might turn out interesting and it did :D 

When I came back, I was surprised to receive some packages in the mail! 

I bought a maxi dress (which was recommended by Closet Voyage in one of her posts, sadly it's only a midi on me *flails*) and a necklace. The necklace is for a Kingdom Hearts cosplay that I will do (someday haha). 

Anyways, it's always a great surprise to receive something you forgot to have bought! xD 

I also picked up my order for a dressmaking book: 

I received *free* hair chalk from Mocco Fashion boutique! (I had won a voucher and so I chose to get a box!) Tutorial and review coming soon! 

And I discovered some music I composed when I was... six! Now I can barely play the piano haha OTL

Also, I'm nearing 30 followers, so I've decided to have started planning a giveaway. Unfortunately, I can't start the giveaway until I've actually hit 30 followers, so if you'd like the giveaway to start earlier, please share my blog with your friends!

What have you guys been doing recently? Any interesting selfies you've taken? Or a wasted opportunity that you kind of regret?

Oh, and how's the apocalypse?

Till next time!


  1. OMG~ I've been eyeing that hair chalk for so long now! @~@ Please do a review soon! >u<


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