Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Review Post 11 – Formula 10.0.6 No Time to Shine mask

Hi guys~ Right after exams I tried Formula 10.0.6’s “No time to shine” mud mask. I wasn’t really expecting much because the other mask I bought from them, the Deep Down Detox, made my skin brighter but not really any clearer. 

But I was surprised!

I bought the sample, $1.99 for one, from Priceline Pharmacy. Here’s the packaging :3


The consistency is thick and has a greyish-blue tinge. There’s enough to apply a thick layer over your face and the top of your neck~

Tehe~ It was quite cold a few days ago =_=’

The results:

After washing off the mask, my blackheads were significantly smaller and had less gunk in them. My skin also felt super smooth and velvety, especially along the T-zone, which is where most of the oil on my face comes from.

Some of the drier parts of my face looked a little red though, so if you have combination skin, it’s better to put the product just along the oily areas! And moisturise after, of course.

I tried it on before bed and in the morning my skin was still fine 8)

My opinion?

As opposed to  the other mask, which was disappointing, I found that this clay mask had great results! It lasts for a day, though I would recommend against using this all the time, as it may cause an INCREASE in oil secretion if you deprive your skin of oils all the time. Will I rebuy this, though? Yes!

Rating: 8/10

Till next time~!


  1. i don't know if i coluld find this brandin my country but i will try :D i follow you i hope you can follow me too many kisses from italy :*

    1. Good luck! And sure, will check out your blog :)


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