Friday, 2 November 2012

Review Post #10 – Barbie Eye Black Circle Lenses

Yes! Exams are finally over! Thanks for understanding that I couldn’t post frequently~

Anyways, hi guys! So as you may know, I won a contacts comp a few months ago and now, finally, I’m reviewing one of the pairs~!

I received my lenses from My FashionEye ( ). They are super nice with great service and extremely reasonable prices so I totally recommend them, especially if you live in Australia!

(Oh and sorry for the slightly blurry photos. I used my phone’s camera /shot but I didn’t have time to get out my normal camera OTL) Oh and brilliant me forgot to take pics with flash. OTL

Note: I am not wearing false eyelashes or mascara C: The lenses were worn for an Emily the Strange attempt but on Halloween my make up decided it would be swell to melt off my face so I gave up and went back to studying OTL

The rundown:
Brand: Barbie Eye
Colour: Black
Diameter: 15.8mm
Base curve: 8.6mm
Water content: 48%
Replacement period: 1 year
CT: 0.025mm

Excuse my rushed dodgy makeup haha…

My opinion: To be honest, I’m not keen beans on black circle lenses. I feel as if coupled with my dark hair, it makes me look too ‘dead’ or something xD However I was VERY surprised with these lenses. They’re quite natural in colour and super enlargening. And they are very, very soft! :)

Comfort: 5/5 I have a pretty dodgy reaction to circle lenses in general but after coaxing these lenses in, I could barely feel them there. They are also really soft – so soft that putting them in was kinda difficult too OTL Second time I wore them – I actually wore them studying and I nearly forgot I had lenses in afterwards! Amazing~

Design: 3/5 It’s quite plain and simple… The lenses also allow a little of your natural eye colour to shine through. I have to admit, when it comes to circle lenses I prefer simple designs OTL

Enlargement comparison

Enlargement: 4/5 My eyes did look much bigger with the lenses in. As you can see in the enlargement comparison pics, there is quite a difference. My eyes aren’t that big though… Also, without makeup my eyes looked quite strange. With makeup, it looks large yet natural.

Overall: 4/5

Once again, I was really surprised with these lenses. ^_^ I’m still not convinced with black eyes but they weren’t as bad as I feared (perhaps I was thinking about looking like I was wearing black sclera lenses too? Haha!)

Anyhow, I hope this was helpful.

Till next time! 8)


Thanks to all following! ^o^ I hope someday I can be popular enough to do a giveaway (;w;)b


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