Monday, 5 November 2012

Journal Post #9 - Leaving friend and Natio products

So as you know, exams are over *3*)b

My mangled timetable :3
On Friday, I made a small pouch thing to refresh my sewing skills (or lack thereof lololol). Afterwards I started making a white blouse for a cosplay :L Here's a pic of the pouch~

Apple print~

On Saturday, I went to Priceline pharmacy and bought a Natio foundation brush, powder brush and a nail polish. Since I spent over $30, it meant I could have a free gift set~ Gift set included skin care products and lipgloss. 

 Messy desk :L


Then yesterday, on Sunday, I went with about ten friends to a day out! We went for about six hours and just sat and chatted because one of our close friends is leaving to go to America/Korea! /crais I bought her a gag gift: a bell that said "Drink please." Or something to that effect! I also wrote/drew her a plane letter to read on board.

 Natural makeup~

I wore Dotti Yellow Sunset jumper, Country Road pink blouse, High waist white shorts from JayJays, belt from the Gathering Eye, bracelet from Equip and (not pictured) shoes from Converse.

At our local Westfield, we went to JB HI-FI, and we saw this hilarious and adorable rendition of the Avengers game!

So cute!

We also went to Max Brenners. Omnomnom~! A friend and I shared a Belgian waffle and chocolate dipped strawberries because we have low chocolate tolerance level (we love it, but too much and we get sick!) 


I can't remember the names of the drinks we ordered... I think mine was White Granita! She had a mint and lemon drink~ (I have had it before and it's great if you have had too much chocolate)


When we left, we were so upset! >3< Most of us cried... and it was appropriate how all the sad songs were playing during the last hour!!

We didn't get that much shopping done, at all though, haha! OTL So we are arranging to have another event in a few weeks time.

Also, I have just gotten back into nail polish... due to our school's restrictions, I haven't work nail polish for... get this, FOUR YEARS! ;A; So I will be working on that~ ^0^ I'm hoping to buy mint green and pale pink soon ;3;

Anyways, reviews for some products will be coming soon.

Till next time~! xx


  1. love the yellowe jumper great look with the shorts :) would u like follow each other?

    1. Thank you :) Sure, will check out your blog!


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