Sunday, 25 November 2012

Journal Post 12 - What have I been doing lately? Instagram will tell you!

This morning I lined up all the products I needed to review and... /sobbu \

Hahaha nah I kid I love reviewing products, I just rarely have the time to. 

Activity wise, I participated in my school's Art Day. I chose photography and it was so much fun! Wait, have I talked about this already? Oh well~ I'm better at knowing how aperture, ISO and frames per second have an effect on taking photos and on my noob-wannabe-SLR camera (don't get me wrong, I love my camera and it's an amazing point-and-shoot, halfway-between-point-and-shoot-and-SLR) I can finally use manual now! Not very well, I might add, but nevertheless adequately :D 

On the day we did digital photography and pinhole photography. If you're not sure what pinhole photography is, it's, according to the reputable source of all knowledge known as Wikipedia (I'm half kidding) "a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture – effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side". It was painstakingly difficult but here are some of our results: 

Here are two of the digital photos I took~

Haha yep, took a photo of my shoes xD

Though the quality can't be seen from my phone, I was pretty proud of it thanks to the aperture :D

Haha I'm a noob, okay? Humour me guys xD

For our last year 10 Literature Club, we had High Tea, and I bought flowers and chocolates and a card for our teacher~

And the day after, we went to Lasertag to battle between our teams! (This is for a Space program our school has) Also I'm actually wearing purple eyeshadow, but it got filtered out ;O;

Also, guess who I got to meet?!

Yes that IS THE Rebel Wilson! She is so spunky and awesome! She was wearing these awesome shoes with cute bears attached to them (will upload later) and also gold sunnies. It was funny how in the Cafeteria, we saw her walk in -

Me: Nice sunnies!
Rebel Wilson: Thanks, they're real gold.
Me: REALLY?! Wait a second... hey!
Rebel Wilson: *laughs and keeps walking* 

I am so gullible ;A;

Also, finished watching Doctor Who season 2 and Mulan. Yes, it's true, I have never seen Mulan before. 



Okay till next time! 


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