Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review post #9 - Maybelline Bronzer

Product: Maybelline Fit Me! Bronzer

Type of product: Bronzer in powder form

 ^The bronzer in its package

 ^The brush, I put as much powder onto it as I could >.<

^Gently brushed onto skin 

^Clearer image

^Rubbed in =_=''

Opinion: I bought this because I thought - hey, it's not too expensive, and on sale, I guess I'll just try it out? HUGE REGRETFUL MOMENT lol. This so-called bronzer doesn't work. At all. I tried brushing it on, building it up, everything. Unless you rub the powder directly, it can barely be seen, and when it can be seen, it resembles a talcum powder like texture in a faint skin tone colour. Basically, don't buy it. At all. Save your $14 and purchase something more helpful ;_;

Rating: 0/10

I don't even know what to do with it *sighs*. Oh well… :S I was eyeing the Natio bronzer, guess I'll get that instead~

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Till next time. :')


  1. Hate buying a product and it doesnt work.. What a shame. So sorry to hear that!

    1. Yeah :/ Oh well at least I can tell others not to buy the product! ^_^

  2. Aww, shame it doesn't work! I hate wasting money on products I don't end up using :(

    Hmm, maybe try crushing it up into a fine powder and mixing it with a small tub of your moisturiser? I heard this tip somewhere before, but I haven't tried it myself~!

    1. Yeah :( At least I can tell others not to buy it~

      Oh that's a pretty good idea! Will try and experiment, guess I got nothing to lose. If it or something else I try works, I'll make a post about it ^_^

  3. Oh bad >_<

    The packaging seems nice but pity that the product doesn't work. =(
    Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Yeah :S I agree, it's quite lovely packaging wise, and I really do like the brush~ No problem, at least people know now not to buy it~! :)


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