Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Review post #8 - Formula 10.0.6 mud mask

I decided to try out Formula 10.0.6's Deep Down Detox mud mask, and so here we go!

(No pictures this time, OTL)

I bought the sample, there's also a full bottle. The sample, bought from Priceline, is $1.99 for two masks (pretty good value!)

First impressions: it has a nice, light, orangey smell. I personally love the smell of artificial orange (ahahah) and it's not overwhelming. Putting it on, the product makes my skin feel quite cool. There's also quite a bit of product, though it doesn't look like it in the pack, and so I doubled up on problem areas like my nose ;3;

Final opinion: I didn't see that much of a difference, to be honest, though my skin did look brighter. I'll try the other mask sometime this week, but I highly doubt it'll make that much of a difference.

Overall rating: 4/10


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