Saturday, 20 October 2012

Journal Post #8 - Thoughts, Instagram and other things

I still have yearly exams. In fact I should be studying for them right now... hmmm, after this post xD

Anyways I made a cosplay blog:

I won't be updating it until after my exams but just be on the look out and what not for updates and such~

It's been sooooo hot lately ;_; And the junk food I've been eating plus stress from exams isn't helping my skin. AT ALL. Blehhhhh

Which is why I've been switching cookies and cream ice cream (oh gods it's so good, epecially the Sara Lee stuff) to just-out-of-the-fridge watermelon and rockmelon! It's so good ^_^

Here are some things I've been doing lately as told by pics from my Instagram:

 Rereading my favourite stand alone book, Sunshine, by Robin McKinley (also she replied to one of my Tweets!! AHHH!)

 Trying to survive the early onset of a Sydney summer (

Finishing off a steampunk clock creation in Design classes! Also am making a complementary puzzle. (

And I tried out an Emily the Strange make up test ^_^ Am planning on cosing her for Halloween hehe~ (I'm not going Trick or Treating, sadly, as exams are not yet finished then) 
Also will be uploading a circle contacts review for those lenses I'm wearing in about a day or two. Yay~

Anyhow~ my Instagram name is thatgirlsagenius ! Follow me ;D

I've also been programming a robot for IST classes. The two choices in programming were either to do RoboRescue or RoboDance and guess what? RoboDance it was. Two of my classmates and I worked on this together but I did the programming~ I'll upload a video after yearlies of it dancing... to... KPOP! Yup! I programmed it do dance Abracadabra, Electric Shock and Gangnam Style (though Gangnam Style it sort of failed lol).

I guess that's it? I really hate studying but I want good marks T-T Guess it's back to studying then... OTL

How are your weekends going so far? Anyone else have super fun (sarcastic) exams coming up?

Till next time~ xxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Fashion post #3 - Make-up trends for Spring/Summer 2012/2013

Sorry for the late post. I've been studying for my yearly exams :S Anyhow~

Final installment for this upcoming season~ Since you guys like it I think I'll be updating each season so expect main posts twice a year~! (I'll still put up interesting trends every now and again though~)

So onto make up trends! I hope it'll be of help. Let's go!

Trend 1: Glitter/shimmer
From left to right clockwise:
The Silver Glitteratti Lip Tattoo by Violent Lips
The Strawberry Lemonade - Glitteratti Mix Lip Tattoo by Violent Lips
Gem Crush Nail Color in Big Money by Sally Hansen
Gem Crush Nail Color in Showgirl Chic by Sally Hansen
Dance in Glitter False Eyelashes by WKW for Shu Uemura
Glitter Eyeline by MAKE UP STORE at Myer

The rundown: Glitter is a popular upcoming trend - especially in eyes, lips and nails. It adds a glam to everyday outfits, so don't be afraid to go haywire on those parts (I recommend against using glitter on all over the cheeks, top of apples excepted, at the risk of looking like vampire. You know what I mean.)

Not too keen? Keep the glitter to one part of your face, and there's no need to go overly dramatic. Feel free to keep the dramatic glitter for parties and stick to accentuating particular areas on your face (such as the inner corners of your eyes/following your normal winged eyeliner, tops of cheeks below your eyes, or top of Cupid's bow of your lip.)

Trend 2: Golds and bronzers
From left to right clockwise:
Hey Sailor! Eyeshadow in Old Gold by MAC
Gem Crush Nail Color in Razzler Dazzler by Sally Hansen
Vanity Eyeshadow Palette by Wet ‘n’ Wild
Glitter gold eyeliner by Sephora Collection
Naked Palette by Urban Decay
Mineral pressed powder bronzer by Natio

The rundown: Golds and bronzes have always been associated with summer, so jump onto the bandwagon and add to your make up collection! For all those in the Northern Hemisphere, bronze as an accent colour (eg eyeliner, nail polish) may be preferred over gold. Otherwise sweep bronzer powder over the hollows of your cheeks and across the hair line. Remember to go for a colour that's not too much darker than your skin. It's better to go for a more natural bronze look even if you look 'paler' - realise tanning does no flatter everyone, and I personally am not much of a tanner ^_^"

Not too keen? Try gold eyeliner a la Cinna style and again, on the top of your Cupid's bow (I saw this in a magazine and it looks amazing!) Or keep to your nails~

Trend 3: Coral red
From left to right clockwise:
Hard as Nails nail polish in Mighty Mango by Sally Hansen
CORALista ultra plush lipgloss by Benefit
The Purple & Coral Halftone Lip Tattoo by Violent Lips
60 Seconds Nail Polish in Coralicious by Rimmel
Rouge Allure Velvet in 38 La Fascinante by Chanel
Cha Cha Tint for lips and cheeks by Benefit

The rundown: Orange-tinted red is the calling of summer. It brings connotations of delicious summer fruits, and what better than to have on your face? This colour should not be overdone, lest you look like a lobster (mmmm, seafood). Keep to just your cheeks, lips or nails. Sporting just coral red lips adds an extra pop to pattern clashed summer coords.

Not too keen? If you're not brave enough for just the lippy, you could try keeping to your nails, and even just part of your nails. Though believe me, you'll be surprised at the instant brightness a coral lippy will add to your outfit.

So what are your favourite trends? Leave a comment down below!

Oh and in case you missed it:

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I've got some special posts planned soon. ;)

Till next time! Xx

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review post #9 - Maybelline Bronzer

Product: Maybelline Fit Me! Bronzer

Type of product: Bronzer in powder form

 ^The bronzer in its package

 ^The brush, I put as much powder onto it as I could >.<

^Gently brushed onto skin 

^Clearer image

^Rubbed in =_=''

Opinion: I bought this because I thought - hey, it's not too expensive, and on sale, I guess I'll just try it out? HUGE REGRETFUL MOMENT lol. This so-called bronzer doesn't work. At all. I tried brushing it on, building it up, everything. Unless you rub the powder directly, it can barely be seen, and when it can be seen, it resembles a talcum powder like texture in a faint skin tone colour. Basically, don't buy it. At all. Save your $14 and purchase something more helpful ;_;

Rating: 0/10

I don't even know what to do with it *sighs*. Oh well… :S I was eyeing the Natio bronzer, guess I'll get that instead~

In the meantime, I created a Facebook page. Like it here:

Till next time. :')

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fashion post #2 - Accessory trends for Spring/Summer 2012/2013

Hey guys! I decided to split up accessory and make up trends, as I felt it would be easier and, well, better to do so! So, let's go~!

Trend 1: BDSM inspired

From left to right:
Chain Hand Chain at Topshop
Mercy Belt by 17 Sundays
EVIVE Leather Harness Belt from ASOS
Single Bar Knuckle Buster by Deer Ruby*
Two Pack Spike Ponios by Topshop
Wicked Ring by CC Skye*

The rundown: This fetish has come onto the runway - and we all know why! (*cough*50 shades of grey*cough*) Use these accessories to spice up an otherwise feminine/elegant coord with a slightly forbidden allure. 

Not too keen? Incorporate accessories that have purely black leather, whether it be shoes or a leather clutch. Silver parts also give an edgy, BDSM-style feel without being over the top out there.

Trend 2: Cobalt blue
From left to right:
Contrast Fold Over Tlock Tote by Colette
Facet Cross Ditsy Necklace by Topshop
Rhinestone Arrow Earrings by Topshop
Enamel Line Dome Ring by Lovisa
Scandi Leather Triangle Ring by Topshop
Lady Fascination clutch by PeepToe*
Premium Blue Rhinestone Wristwear by Topshop

The rundown: Personally, I love this colour, especially when colour blocking with orange. Use it to add detail to an otherwise feminine silhouette.

Not too keen? A clutch or ring in this colour, and nothing else, is fine.

Trend 3: Rich metallics
From left to right:
Textured Point Collar by TopShop
Cut-Out Shield Earrings by Lovisa
Criss-Cross Cuff by Lovisa*
3 strand plate necklace by Equip
Metallic Snake Hardcase Clutch by Colette
Smooth Rectangle Band Ring at Topshop

The rundown: Silver and gold is here again in full force~  Such jewellery adds elegance and interest to an otherwise boring co-ordinate.

Not too keen? Limit yourself to a collar and a bangle.

Trend 4: Baroque
From left to right:
D'amour Trio Ring by Chrissy L Bijoux*
Oval and mesh cut off cuff by Equip
Filligree chandelier earrings by Equip
Woven Chain & Jewel Bracelet by PeepToe*
Premium Stone Drop Earrings by Topshop
Drape Choker Necklace from TopShop

The rundown: Renaissance style is back in a big way, and what better way to flaunt it than with your accessories? If in doubt, go for gold, turquoise and coral colours. If you're feeling keen beans, try accessorise your brocade-included outfit with baroque style jewellery. More of a wallflower? Use a stunning necklace as the centerpiece to your co ordinate.

Not too keen? Limit yourself to earrings or an ornate ring.

So, what accessory trends are you keen on? Leave a comment below, and stay tuned for the next and final instalment!

List of shops and URLs:

Till next time!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Review post #8 - Formula 10.0.6 mud mask

I decided to try out Formula 10.0.6's Deep Down Detox mud mask, and so here we go!

(No pictures this time, OTL)

I bought the sample, there's also a full bottle. The sample, bought from Priceline, is $1.99 for two masks (pretty good value!)

First impressions: it has a nice, light, orangey smell. I personally love the smell of artificial orange (ahahah) and it's not overwhelming. Putting it on, the product makes my skin feel quite cool. There's also quite a bit of product, though it doesn't look like it in the pack, and so I doubled up on problem areas like my nose ;3;

Final opinion: I didn't see that much of a difference, to be honest, though my skin did look brighter. I'll try the other mask sometime this week, but I highly doubt it'll make that much of a difference.

Overall rating: 4/10