Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Journal Post 7 - Bday Lunch

First of all, you know the competition I entered for contact lenses? Well I came second! So thanks to those who voted! I received a cute sheep pencil case and two pairs of lenses, one a natural looking black and another a rather ornate brown.

(Sorry for bad quality OTL)

I also received my green-blue lenses!

Anyways, it was a friend's bday lunch on the 22nd of September, so I went shopping on the 21st (whew stressful day lol). As well as buying my friend's gifts (a Playboy perfume set to 'enhance her sexiness' xD and a necklace), I also went ahead and got myself some goodies!

Well, hey, everything was on sale, right?

Two pairs of sandals from Novo Shoes
Two clay masks, Rimmel concealer, Maybelline bronzer, Face of Australia primer, Almay eye make up remover and Models Prefer eyeshadow smudging brush from Priceline
Two necklaces (one came with earrings), a bracelet, earring converters and tights from Equip (all for just under $20!!!)
Nail glue and eyelid tape from Daiso

I'll have to update those...

On the day, we went to the Bulgogi at Chatswood… so much FOOD!!! <3 

We had sashimi, salad, gyoza and takaki meat (is that the right word? Dx) and for drinks, I had lemon and lime bitters (as always) and for main I had an unagi bento.

Here's my outfit:
I didn't manage to get a full photo of just by myself so here's a collage of it instead x'D 

 Why am I such an awkward poser? Dx
I'm wearing:
Dress from Kinki Gerlinki
Necklace from Equip
Belt from Gathering Eye
Sandals from Novo Shoes

Anyways it appears as if I have welcomed the new trend of 'neutrals', though instead of Vogue's recommendation of powdery pink counterparts I had gold colours :I I NEARLY chose a pink clutch to wear but... eh, too bothersome to carry hahaha

The lunch was heaps of fun and we took all sorts of silly photos xD After lunch, most of us went window shopping in Chatswood Westfield. We even went to Toys R Us and the security guy was like "You're not here to stuff things up right?!"

Hey, we're ANGELS dude xD

After window shopping some more, we went our separate ways and I had some yummy Noggi (ice-cream yoghurt). It was 40% off so I tried basically every flavour of yoghurt (taro is my favourite) and some unhealthy toppings xD The dried fruit and taro is amazing, by the way *A* 

 There were also some super cute buskers in costume x'D 

 And that's all :3 Reviews will come~


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