Sunday, 23 September 2012

Journal post #5 - Melbourne Trip day 3

Fuuuu why can't I post things faster? OTL Well it's holidays now so life's a whole lot easier!!! I also attended a friend's bday lunch so I need to post that up too... D':

Alright now, let's go!

So, hi everybody~

Outfit of the day:
Long sleeved striped shirt - Esprit
Striped singlet - Azona AO2
Mint green jeans - Dotti
Octopus necklace - Offbrand
Leather jacket & boots - can't remember off the top of my head OTL get back to you on these ones

We went to Crown Plaza and were about to see a movie (The Sapphires) because two girls were super sick, but they recovered JUST in time! As such, we went to the cafĂ© there instead and I had this…

Lemon meringue tart *3*
Mocha :D

And then it was off to do some SHOPPING!

I bought three dresses and a belt~

Taupe dress from Kinki Gerlink
Lace white dress from Maxim
Mint green dress from Muui
Belt from Gathering Eye (General Pants Co)

Unfortunately the white dress is a little tight around the arms and a little shorter than what I expected *cries* otherwise, it still fits relatively well, and I plan on using it for a Felicita cosplay (even though it doesn't match her dress LOL)

Then we went to Old Melbourne Gaol! It was actually so fun. Us year tens went to one cell and we were scaring one member of our group, though one time one girl managed to scare three of us in one go (including me ;_;)

Back to hotel! And this was the great night out!

Coat from Azona AO2
Bag from Glassons
For dinner, we had garlic bread and bruschetta as entree, then I chose seafood risotto as a main. Drink was lemon and lime bitters, and for dessert we went elsewhere~

Dessert: behold, the Gelati Alaska! 

And then we walked back as there weren't any trams left!! Virtually everyone got super sore feet as they wore heels… I was still an idiot who didn't pack one pair, but… hey, at least my feet didn't die completely ;A; Also there were heaps of drunks out, (mainly due to celebrating 'cause their fave football team won) and shouted random things. Our teacher looked so shocked while we laughed it off… she's such a dear xD

That's all for the third day! Expect more updates soon! OTL


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