Sunday, 16 September 2012

Journal post 4 - Melbourne Trip days 1 and 2

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update >3< Anyway's here's a picture heavy journal entry about my trip to Melbourne. (It was for school~) It lasted from the 16th to the 19th August. (A month ago OTL)

A funny moment was when the girls in my year and I all 'dressed up' for a night out… only to find we were getting takeaway… delivered… and the food was so bland, too ;A; Of course that was only the first night and it got much better later on!

Day 2, we had a rushed brekkie then we went to a philosophy conference. Pretty interesting stuff~ Here are some snaps on the way there~

These rhino sticker things are pretty cool *w*

For lunch was Thai… a lunch special of only $8! So I had massaman curry and rice… it was really yummy, too!

Where we ate at :)

After lunch, we went to the Salvos nearby. I didn't get anything as we only had 10 minutes... but I wanted to ;3;
Looking back, I think one of the pairs of red shoes could easily be modified to Panty's... ahhhh OTL

More snaps of the 'scenery' xP (also I only took photos on my phone, as I didn't bring my camera ;3;)

Then we headed to this old fashioned mansion. Apparently parts of the movie Ned Kelly (starring Heath Ledger) was filmed at the mansion. Also, I met the author of Six Impossible Things, Fiona Wood! She also wrote scripts for dramas like Home and Away and Neighbours. :D

Wouldn't it be perfect for a classic lolita photoshoot?

Sushi was for dinner, then we had to go back to the hotel so that we could complete our 'daily challenges'… of writing of course! This WAS an English trip, y'know!

Outside one of the shops.. thought it was pretty cool :3

Isn't it adorable? xD

Well that's all for today. I'll be uploading the next two posts ASAP before moving onto reviews, tutorials(?) and so on :)

Hope you enjoyed this post? I only put a few of the pictures up, it was taking FOREVER to upload each one ;A;

See you :D


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