Friday, 28 September 2012

Fashion post #1 - Fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012/2013

There isn't much information online on what's hot this coming Spring/Summer. So I thought, why not make a blog post on it? I'll also be making a make-up and accessories post next. Let's go!

Trend 1: Powdery pinks and neutrals
From left to right:
Elena Dress by August Street*
Gold Hardware Reptile Clutch by Miss Co*
Italian Gold Screw Bracelet by CC Skye*
Tina Bark ring, Sleek Torque necklace and Brushed Cuff bracelet from Lovisa
Twist Toe pumps from Portmans
Soft Ikat Trilby from Portmans
Pockets Dress from Cloth*

The rundown: Yes, neutral has always been a super popular colour, but this coming season it's all about soft latte and champagne pink tones. When it comes to the latte colour, I love to go with a monochromatic look with hints of gold, and as for champagne pink, I recommend using it as a pop of colour in a monochromatic white outfit.

Not too keen? Try using it as a pop of colour in an accessory. Lovisa's Rose Gold collection is the perfect place to start!

Trend 2: Brocade
Left to right:
Gilded Sunflower Cotton blend brocade dress by Marc Jacobs**
Metallic brocade dress with A-line skirt by Rochas**
Metallic silk brocade shift dress by Dolce & Gabbana**
Red Wool Dress by Alexander McQueen**

The rundown: Whether you go for an Oriental or Renaissance royalty style, brocade is sure to wow. Use it as a centerpiece  and accessorise with simple but elegant jewellery. If you don't feel like wearing a dress, a Mandarin style top is ideal.

Not too keen? To be honest, you can't do much with this one. If you like it, wear it and flaunt it! Otherwise skip it altogether.

Trend 3: Lace

Left to right:
Lace high neck bodycon dress from TopShop
Lace peep toe pump from Valentino**
Floral lace tights by Spanx**
Lace stretch choker from Equip
Susie lace Peter Pan top from Portmans
Hotline heels by Chinese Laundry**
Pipe dreams dress from Elliatt*
Vera pointed flatform shoes by Asos

The rundown: Embrace feminine elegance with a lace piece, whether it be a full dress or just a statement skirt. White or black are the most obvious choices with lace, but don't be afraid to go with pastel or bright colours.

Not too keen? Cheat with crocheted tops, or go for a top with bits of lace trimmings/decoration.

Trend 4: Monochrome
Pretty self explanatory this one, eh?

The rundown: Go for structured/tailored shapes when coordinating your outfit. It doesn't matter what colour it is if it's monochrome. Go for typical just white or just black, or be a bit more daring and wear a full outfit of a bright hue. The sky's your limit...

Not too keen? If you think one colour's just too boring, think again! For softer colours, use a complimentary colour as your accessories. You can also add a pop of colour to your white/black/grey ensemble or have a clashing colour with your bright hued coordinate!

Trend 5: Clashing patterns
Left to right:
Bird of Paradise dress from Dotti
Co-Ord Autumn Floral Trousers from TopShop
Cora booties by Michael Antonio
Diamond Embellished Racerback top by TopShop
Ice Cream slit back shirt by TopShop
Paradise Frame Clutch by Portmans
Pansy print crochet collar top by TopShop
White floral crop jean from Dotti

The rundown: It's out there, it's daring. Though it seems haphazard, choose flattering patterns and clash clash clash! Expect to have all eyes on you when you go through with this… also, when clashing patterns you can block colours at the same time.

Not too keen? Clash accessories with each other or stay with colour blocking.

Note, this information has been taken from my Vogue Australia October 2012 issue. I have taken the time to search for clothes/accessories/etc on online shops, then edited them and so these photos are from there. ^_^'' Hopefully these pictures will help inspire you :D

List of shops and their URLs:
**Polyvore (you cannot buy from here but you can search and click and it'll link you) -
Lovisa (you cannot buy online) -

Hope this was helpful. Till next time!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Journal Post 7 - Bday Lunch

First of all, you know the competition I entered for contact lenses? Well I came second! So thanks to those who voted! I received a cute sheep pencil case and two pairs of lenses, one a natural looking black and another a rather ornate brown.

(Sorry for bad quality OTL)

I also received my green-blue lenses!

Anyways, it was a friend's bday lunch on the 22nd of September, so I went shopping on the 21st (whew stressful day lol). As well as buying my friend's gifts (a Playboy perfume set to 'enhance her sexiness' xD and a necklace), I also went ahead and got myself some goodies!

Well, hey, everything was on sale, right?

Two pairs of sandals from Novo Shoes
Two clay masks, Rimmel concealer, Maybelline bronzer, Face of Australia primer, Almay eye make up remover and Models Prefer eyeshadow smudging brush from Priceline
Two necklaces (one came with earrings), a bracelet, earring converters and tights from Equip (all for just under $20!!!)
Nail glue and eyelid tape from Daiso

I'll have to update those...

On the day, we went to the Bulgogi at Chatswood… so much FOOD!!! <3 

We had sashimi, salad, gyoza and takaki meat (is that the right word? Dx) and for drinks, I had lemon and lime bitters (as always) and for main I had an unagi bento.

Here's my outfit:
I didn't manage to get a full photo of just by myself so here's a collage of it instead x'D 

 Why am I such an awkward poser? Dx
I'm wearing:
Dress from Kinki Gerlinki
Necklace from Equip
Belt from Gathering Eye
Sandals from Novo Shoes

Anyways it appears as if I have welcomed the new trend of 'neutrals', though instead of Vogue's recommendation of powdery pink counterparts I had gold colours :I I NEARLY chose a pink clutch to wear but... eh, too bothersome to carry hahaha

The lunch was heaps of fun and we took all sorts of silly photos xD After lunch, most of us went window shopping in Chatswood Westfield. We even went to Toys R Us and the security guy was like "You're not here to stuff things up right?!"

Hey, we're ANGELS dude xD

After window shopping some more, we went our separate ways and I had some yummy Noggi (ice-cream yoghurt). It was 40% off so I tried basically every flavour of yoghurt (taro is my favourite) and some unhealthy toppings xD The dried fruit and taro is amazing, by the way *A* 

 There were also some super cute buskers in costume x'D 

 And that's all :3 Reviews will come~

Monday, 24 September 2012

Journal post 6 - Melbourne trip day 4

Hi guys!

So this was the last day.

In the morning, I went down late and ordered brekkie late. As a result, the hotel forgot to give me my food. And so, as an apology after I reminded them… they gave me nearly twice of everything ;A; Thanks Four Seasons anyways! xD

I ordered two hash browns, one egg on toast and a tomato. And I got so much...

I couldn't eat all of the food at all… but it was so good ;A;

Anyways, we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was incredibly confronting. As requested and out of respect, I won't put any of the photos up.

After that, we had lunch and then went shopping at St Kilda. I bought this super long black dress, which I am going to cut up for a cosplay or two xD It was $5 for more than 2m of fabric basically! *3* The whole thrift store was incredibly organised and fashionable. I loved it.

After that, we went to the airport to have food… and go back to Sydney.

I'm so glad I got to experience more of Melbourne because I went earlier this year and though it was four days, we went by train so it was basically 2 days…

I really do love Melbourne.

ALSO Manifest was on at the exact same time! *cries* I was so close yet so far…

Anyhow, it's great to be back. (Sorry for lack of photos for this post...)

Tata for now! 

PS we also wrote poems and tried to put them around Melbourne, head over to my other blog if you want to see/read them :D

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Journal post #5 - Melbourne Trip day 3

Fuuuu why can't I post things faster? OTL Well it's holidays now so life's a whole lot easier!!! I also attended a friend's bday lunch so I need to post that up too... D':

Alright now, let's go!

So, hi everybody~

Outfit of the day:
Long sleeved striped shirt - Esprit
Striped singlet - Azona AO2
Mint green jeans - Dotti
Octopus necklace - Offbrand
Leather jacket & boots - can't remember off the top of my head OTL get back to you on these ones

We went to Crown Plaza and were about to see a movie (The Sapphires) because two girls were super sick, but they recovered JUST in time! As such, we went to the cafĂ© there instead and I had this…

Lemon meringue tart *3*
Mocha :D

And then it was off to do some SHOPPING!

I bought three dresses and a belt~

Taupe dress from Kinki Gerlink
Lace white dress from Maxim
Mint green dress from Muui
Belt from Gathering Eye (General Pants Co)

Unfortunately the white dress is a little tight around the arms and a little shorter than what I expected *cries* otherwise, it still fits relatively well, and I plan on using it for a Felicita cosplay (even though it doesn't match her dress LOL)

Then we went to Old Melbourne Gaol! It was actually so fun. Us year tens went to one cell and we were scaring one member of our group, though one time one girl managed to scare three of us in one go (including me ;_;)

Back to hotel! And this was the great night out!

Coat from Azona AO2
Bag from Glassons
For dinner, we had garlic bread and bruschetta as entree, then I chose seafood risotto as a main. Drink was lemon and lime bitters, and for dessert we went elsewhere~

Dessert: behold, the Gelati Alaska! 

And then we walked back as there weren't any trams left!! Virtually everyone got super sore feet as they wore heels… I was still an idiot who didn't pack one pair, but… hey, at least my feet didn't die completely ;A; Also there were heaps of drunks out, (mainly due to celebrating 'cause their fave football team won) and shouted random things. Our teacher looked so shocked while we laughed it off… she's such a dear xD

That's all for the third day! Expect more updates soon! OTL

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review Post #7 - Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures for today ;A;

Now I'm sure you all have heard of this one, lol. I myself decided to buy it because basically everyone else had one of these. I chose the flavour 'Anti-oxidant Berry' as at my local Priceline, the only other choice was Cherry and I really hate the smell of artificial cherry xD (Though later I found out it didn't really matter.)

Oh and if you were wondering, it was $3.99, which is pretty good. :D

My opinion?

Firstly, I'd like to say that I love that the smell is not strong. I hate hate hate lip balms with too strong a smell and so I was delighted with this scent~  (PS the Baby Lips I have does not have any colour, which seems to be the case in some places?)

It is very moisturising. With lip balm, I always apply a few coats and leave it. I did this once and this made my dry-as-the-fricken-desert-and-grossly-chapped lips smooth and soft *A* The formula is a bit heavy compared what I am used to (Mentholatum Deep Moist Natural lip balm is what I usually use) but is definitely more moisturising.

Finally, the packaging/design is lovely :D I really like the font and rounded edge of the cap. Not sure if that made sense OTL

Honestly though, I am not really a lip balm girl ^_^'' I don't even like lipgloss that much but I am perfectly fine with lipstick. /whatthelol  Still, I'm quite impressed with this lip balm, and I'll be using it more on my lips when they are really dry.

Rating: 8/10

Journal post 4 - Melbourne Trip days 1 and 2

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update >3< Anyway's here's a picture heavy journal entry about my trip to Melbourne. (It was for school~) It lasted from the 16th to the 19th August. (A month ago OTL)

A funny moment was when the girls in my year and I all 'dressed up' for a night out… only to find we were getting takeaway… delivered… and the food was so bland, too ;A; Of course that was only the first night and it got much better later on!

Day 2, we had a rushed brekkie then we went to a philosophy conference. Pretty interesting stuff~ Here are some snaps on the way there~

These rhino sticker things are pretty cool *w*

For lunch was Thai… a lunch special of only $8! So I had massaman curry and rice… it was really yummy, too!

Where we ate at :)

After lunch, we went to the Salvos nearby. I didn't get anything as we only had 10 minutes... but I wanted to ;3;
Looking back, I think one of the pairs of red shoes could easily be modified to Panty's... ahhhh OTL

More snaps of the 'scenery' xP (also I only took photos on my phone, as I didn't bring my camera ;3;)

Then we headed to this old fashioned mansion. Apparently parts of the movie Ned Kelly (starring Heath Ledger) was filmed at the mansion. Also, I met the author of Six Impossible Things, Fiona Wood! She also wrote scripts for dramas like Home and Away and Neighbours. :D

Wouldn't it be perfect for a classic lolita photoshoot?

Sushi was for dinner, then we had to go back to the hotel so that we could complete our 'daily challenges'… of writing of course! This WAS an English trip, y'know!

Outside one of the shops.. thought it was pretty cool :3

Isn't it adorable? xD

Well that's all for today. I'll be uploading the next two posts ASAP before moving onto reviews, tutorials(?) and so on :)

Hope you enjoyed this post? I only put a few of the pictures up, it was taking FOREVER to upload each one ;A;

See you :D