Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review post #6

Hi guys! I found the photos I took for these lenses! LOL /failOTL So here's a review!

Lenses: Fynale's Prodigurl series in Chanel blue
Diameter: 16mm


(bottles on left)

Lenses: (Sorry guys I don't have a pic with flash OTL)

Enlargement comparison: 

My thoughts -

Design: The design is simple and reminiscent of the three tone contacts and the flower 'print' ones. It's also a very natural looking design. To my surprise, I found that it was 16mm and larger than my Hime+ pair (which is 14.8mm but appears larger!)

Colour: The colour is stunning and perfect. It's great for day wear and if you are cosplaying a character with bright blue eyes. It's just so beautiful /endfangirl

Comfort: It was really quite comfortable! I could feel how wide it was though, but the 'film' over my eyes was so thin that sometimes I forgot I was even wearing them.

Hope this was helpful~


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