Friday, 10 August 2012

Journal Post 3 - Bday presents and other news (pic heavy)

Hey everyone! So it was my birthday on the 4th August and I just wanted to make a post about it ;D

It was a great day! Well I still had to go to maths coaching, English tutoring and a school science function (one of my friends was like "What the?!"), but I had a lot of yummy food and received birthday wishes and presents <3

Breakfast was just buttered toast, lol. I had a seafood bento and some fried rice for lunch, then dinner was at GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen) which you can find a review for over at my other blog [link]. Then I had a green tea cake from Breadtop. My mum said that the cake's decorations weren't there when she bought it, (the girl at the counter added those yummy decos *o*) which was a nice touch ^_^

My parents got me clothes:

Yellow jumper from Dotti

Pale turquoise pants from Dotti

Orange bag from Glassons

Knitted beret from Gregory Ladner

And a super cute card! (Doesn't he remind you of Brief from PSG?)

One of my mum's friends got me these wonderful flower print tights and a simple necklace ^_^

And one of my good friends gave me a Miku Hatsune album *3*

 Oh and my birthday cake! (Green tea and red bean from Breadtop!)

Two other things I want to say are I finally got my braces off today! Eeeep! The week before, I had rainbow braces! (Sorry for the disturbing picture but I had to warp it or it'd look worse lololol)

And also my blog has reached 2000 hits! Thanks guys!

Anyways, that's all for today~!

I'll be uploading my first tutorial soon! :D


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