Friday, 10 August 2012

Journal Post 3 - Bday presents and other news (pic heavy)

Hey everyone! So it was my birthday on the 4th August and I just wanted to make a post about it ;D

It was a great day! Well I still had to go to maths coaching, English tutoring and a school science function (one of my friends was like "What the?!"), but I had a lot of yummy food and received birthday wishes and presents <3

Breakfast was just buttered toast, lol. I had a seafood bento and some fried rice for lunch, then dinner was at GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen) which you can find a review for over at my other blog [link]. Then I had a green tea cake from Breadtop. My mum said that the cake's decorations weren't there when she bought it, (the girl at the counter added those yummy decos *o*) which was a nice touch ^_^

My parents got me clothes:

Yellow jumper from Dotti

Pale turquoise pants from Dotti

Orange bag from Glassons

Knitted beret from Gregory Ladner

And a super cute card! (Doesn't he remind you of Brief from PSG?)

One of my mum's friends got me these wonderful flower print tights and a simple necklace ^_^

And one of my good friends gave me a Miku Hatsune album *3*

 Oh and my birthday cake! (Green tea and red bean from Breadtop!)

Two other things I want to say are I finally got my braces off today! Eeeep! The week before, I had rainbow braces! (Sorry for the disturbing picture but I had to warp it or it'd look worse lololol)

And also my blog has reached 2000 hits! Thanks guys!

Anyways, that's all for today~!

I'll be uploading my first tutorial soon! :D

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review post #6

Hi guys! I found the photos I took for these lenses! LOL /failOTL So here's a review!

Lenses: Fynale's Prodigurl series in Chanel blue
Diameter: 16mm


(bottles on left)

Lenses: (Sorry guys I don't have a pic with flash OTL)

Enlargement comparison: 

My thoughts -

Design: The design is simple and reminiscent of the three tone contacts and the flower 'print' ones. It's also a very natural looking design. To my surprise, I found that it was 16mm and larger than my Hime+ pair (which is 14.8mm but appears larger!)

Colour: The colour is stunning and perfect. It's great for day wear and if you are cosplaying a character with bright blue eyes. It's just so beautiful /endfangirl

Comfort: It was really quite comfortable! I could feel how wide it was though, but the 'film' over my eyes was so thin that sometimes I forgot I was even wearing them.

Hope this was helpful~

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hey! :D

Hi everyone!

I have decided that all beauty, fashion and cosplay related things will continue to stay here while stuff to do with books and games will now go onto my other blog, which is newly created,

I hope this will be helpful!

Thanks xx