Monday, 30 July 2012

Review Post #5

Hello everyone! Here are some reviews~

Helter Skelter
This is a pretty old manga, published in 1996, by Kyoko Okazaki. It's about a supermodel who rises to fame rapidly, however her beauty was obtained by intense cosmetic surgery. These surgeries have extreme side effects, causing her life to slowly fall apart.

Warnings: Swearing, smut-ish, some yuri scenes, drugs, alcohol/smoking, some bloodshed, dark themes, suicide

Art: 4/10 I must say, the art is really annoying, and two of the major male characters look very similar. ^_^'' The art was also unable to be properly finished because after drawing the drafts, the manga-ka got into a severe car accident.

Plot: 9/10 Excellent story, very unorthodox. It is almost sadistically fascinating to see her rise to and fall from fame, as well as the strong message about the world's twisted views on fame and beauty. Quite an intense read (9 chapters long, each chapter has around 40 pages).

My opinion: this manga is really worth checking out. I couldn't stop reading it. You get used to the art after a while, but in a way the art contributes to the story's message about 'beauty'.

The second companion book to Bleach! Quite a good read, however there were some parts that confused me. Also I did not really like how some info doubled up on the first book, Souls. The profile structure is also completely different, which kind of threw me off. Finally I felt as if there wasn't quite enough information as I would have liked. It didn't seem to cover as much as Souls did, but perhaps that is due to how long the Arrancar arc was. Still, a must have for all Bleach fans.
Rating: 7/10

Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfield 
Deryn is a teenage girl in the steampunk version of World War 1. She dresses as a boy in order to get into the British Airforce. (lol can't quite remember the name). Alek is the next in line for the Hapsburg throne, but escapes with some of his trusted servants after his parents are assassinated. The two protagonists unexpectedly meet and the trilogy follows their adventures.

My thoughts: A great read that requires concentration. The characters and plot are well developed and entertaining, only I had to concentrate on the details while reading otherwise I'd have to go back and reread it. 
Rating: 8/10
Mote mote
A free otome game for Android! It has an annoying limit where you can only read one chapter every eight hours. I find that the art is quite lovely, but there is basically no plot and the translations are really awkward. But hey, it's free, so who cares? It would be nice to have a way to save some of the pictures though ^_^''

Rating: 7/10

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