Monday, 23 July 2012

Review Post #4

I love free games. So here's a post about some of my faves and others I've tried in the past few months~ Yes, they are all free! At least, for Android they are, but search 'em up anyways! :)

* = denotes faves

*** = denotes ultimate fave

Plant Wars

A cute, addictive role play game in the style of typical MMORPG games. The game can be played in various stages with three different levels of difficulty and the use of plants is just so cute (inspired by Plants vs Zombies, maybe?)  

Pros: Cute art, entertaining
Cons: Takes patience to get better at

Rating: 7.5/10

Fashion Icon

You're a budding fashionista in Paris, intent on becoming the best dressed socialite in the world.

Fun, kind of addictive but ridiculously superficial. The way you have to square off against other 'girls' and the way you get a 'boyfriend' (by talking to him then keeping him happy with kisses/gifts only) is so, so, stupid. The virtual clothes also become harder to get without real cash (something I am not willing to fork out, by the way). 

And too many notifications, by the way. I have uninstalled this game due to it becoming way to difficult to 'purchase' clothes after a while. But it was fun while it lasted, so if you're bored, and are in want of a girly app, try this.

Rating: 6/10 

Alchemy classic

It's like Doodle God, but free. (You combine various elements to produce a universe)

Pros: Has a lot of combinations, nice art

Cons: I don't have the patience to go through all of them lol

Rating: 7/10


A cute alternative to Doodle Jump with a cow and many different levels of difficulty.  

Pros: Different levels of difficulty, cute art

Cons: The tilting controls feel a bit more clumsy to me than for Doodle Jump. Perhaps it's just me xD

Rating: 6/10

Cover beauty

This dress up game has the best art I have ever seen. And it's just that, really.

Pros: Gorgeous art and medium range of clothes/etc

Cons: After taking photos, you always get the same, MISSPELT notification: "You must be passio(n)ate!" -_-''

Rating: 7/10

Gyro *

A super simple addictive game where you rotate a wheel to match the colour blobs to the sections.

Pros: Simple but addictive

Cons: Difficult at times to EXACTLY position the wheel

Rating: 8.5/10 

Incredible Castle *

A refreshing take on the 'combine three' game, only you must build the tiny huts up to giant castles

Pros: Fun, strategic game

Cons: Those goddamn monsters… they are cute but annoying

Rating: 8/10

Pumpkins vs Monsters

A blatant copy of Plants vs Zombies xD Only you must connect three pumpkins before you can shoot the pumpkins at them.

Pros: Fun, fresh take

Cons: Stressful when you can't get the pumpkins xD

Rating: 7/10

Shoot the Zombirds ***

The pick of the list! This highly addictive game requires you to shoot at zombirds with your arrows. You must save the pumpkids and make sure not to run out of arrows.

Pros: Super fun and addictive

Cons: Slightly hard to get used to the controls

Rating: 9.5/10

Sleepy time boyfriend

An app where several pre-recorded phrases are combined with lovely pictures ;D

Pros: Gorgeous voice, handsome guy xD and has subtitles in English

Cons: The phrases repeat constantly Dx Different pictures would be nice too. Also I feel a bit weird using it :X

Rating: 7/10

Weaphones Gun Stimulator

A simple app to stimulate the sound and operation of three different weapons.

Pros: Fun to annoy your friends with, liked the animation

Con: More types of weapons would be nice

Rating: 5.5/10

Unicorn Dash

The free alternative to Robo Unicorn Attack! 

Pros: Same stuff, but free

Cons: The soundtrack is not nearly as awesome :(

Rating: 6.5/10

Little Hero *

This is one of those games where you are trapped somewhere and have to use/combine stuff around you to escape. 

Pros: Fun, quick game that even people who don't like playing these types of games will enjoy.

Cons: I had to use a walk through nevertheless xDD

Rating: 8/10

Next time:

Leviathon Trilogy

Masked (second info/profile book to Bleach)

MoteMote (otome game for Android/ios)

The Wallflower (manga)

Helter Skelter (manga)

Hoped this was helpful. See you next time :)


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