Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review Post #3

So I finally got circle lens xD I still have trouble putting them in… T.T''

Also I know I said I was going to review the apps but I haven't finished writing it and this had all the pics already, yay!

I am only reviewing one of the pairs this post because for some reason I can't find the pics for the other pair OTL Oh and I'm new to this so some of my points are probably really… noob xD

JO4 Brown - Fynale's Hime+ series

The bottle:

With flash:

Without flash:


Enlargement comparison:

My thoughts:

Design: Definitely not a natural type ^_^ I quite like the design actually. It does look better in photos, while in real life it looks really obvious that you're wearing lenses. OTL Excellent for a 'sparkling eye' touch to photo-shoots and cosplays, but it won't be a pair I'll be wearing daily (unless to scare my mum of course xD).

Colour: As you can see in the pics, these brown is sadly not very brown, especially compared to my eyes. It has a more yellowy tinge to it which is very disappointing and if you have lighter coloured eyes, this isn't going to be a good pair to wear (rhyming~!)

Comfort: The lenses were pretty comfortable but they weren't as comfortable as the other pair I bought (Prodigurls Chanel Blue :L) I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere for more details on this as I am not really good with knowing this one… T^T

This is a bit random but I really liked how you can tell which side is the right way out. I know you can determine by shape (the 'u' vs curve or something) but after wetting the lenses the both seem curved OTL

I hope that helped a bit, or at least the photos might have ^_^''

Here's what I wore the contacts for:

I entered this pic into a competition on Facebook, please like the pic ^_^ It would be much appreciated. Link:

Thanks xx ^_^

xxx See you next time~!


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