Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Review Post #2

Food reviews~

I have a feeling this will be my specialty. LOL

Mother's Crepe (at World Square in the City)

Ordered: Caramel cheesecake crepe.

Opinon: The taste was sweet but not overly so. It was a good sized portion, and I was delighted to note that there was an actual slice of cheesecake in it. (It was plain though, and the caramel came from the sauce.) The cheesecake tasted as though it had just been taken out of the fridge though :( It was quite yummy and it's rather expensive to have frequently, but I liked it :D

Rating: 8/10

Ping Wei Ge (Outside Parra Westfield)

Ordered: Drunken chicken (lol), sour cabbage and fish, tofu hotpot, rice

Opinion: Wonderful experience. The drunken chicken had a good portion and an authentic taste. It was a little salty for my tastes but perfect as a side with the other dishes. The sour cabbage and fish was amazing. The soup was thick, spicy and yummy. The fish was lightly spicy, which enhanced its taste rather than disguised it. The tofu hotpot was the one weakness. There was a bit too much tofu and it was a little tasteless as the sauce had not permeated it. The rice was a good amount and even the tea had a good flavour and was not diluted like many restaurants. The ingredients were all fresh and the taste of them was not disguised by heavy oils or seasoning. An excellent, authentic experience for Chinese cuisine and I really recommend this place.

Rating: 9.5/10

Asakaze (Market City)

Ordered: Udon (negi and ?), chicken katsudon, tempura prawn and veggies

Opinion: Can I just say, I was ridiculously disappointed with the udon and chicken katsudon. My udon was not even udon, it was much more like ramen than udon, lol. The soup was oily and didn't have that signature Japanese taste, it was more like a dodgy version of a cross between Chinese, Japanese and two minute noodles. ._.'' The chicken in the katsudon was tasteless. The one save was the tempura. It was absolutely delicious. I've also had the sushi here before and was not disappointed. If you want to eat here, stick with the sushi and the fried food and stay far far away from the noodle and rice dishes.

Rating: 4/10

Next time I will review:

My favourite apps for Android :3 And not only are they my fave, but also... FREE! I will also talk about the apps I have just casually on my phone. LOL

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