Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review Post #1

Hi all! I was supposed to review some things so I will review them all in one go (lol) ~lazy, lazy~

So this is a list of what I will be reviewing:

Wigfashion store on Ebay

Wonder by R.J Palacio (book)

A bit on Arcana Famiglia (both the anime and the manga)

I still have products I need to review.. *cries* But I haven't had the time to pull out my camera… So next time lol.

Also the manga "Say I Love You" (Sukitte Ii Na Yo) is becoming an anime! YAY! Okay, anyways…

Wigfashion Store

A few months ago, I bought four wigs from Wigfashion on Ebay. They were: a brown wig (Haruhi Fujioka), two blonde wigs (Panty Anarchy and Tamaki Suoh) and an orange wig (Orihime Inoue).

Shipping: VERY fast, I received my wigs about 10 days after payment. 

Price: Pricing was so-so. I was quite satisfied with these, just remember when browsing that some wigs can be bought for cheaper elsewhere.

Quality: The Panty wig is so thick it's insane. <3 Amazing.  Haruhi and Tamaki's wigs were also excellent. I was also very impressed with the wigs' colours. They looked realistic, especially the brown. It was only Orihime's wig I was a bit iffy with. It's slightly shinier than what I would have liked. It's quite thick though which sort of makes up for it :)

Service: Very good communication ^_^ Very friendly!

Other: Buy more than one wig and you can get $2 off every other wig you purchase. Has to be in same transaction and you have to email them to get it refunded. Also you get one free wig net with each wig you buy :)

Rating: 9/10


Book review

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Synopsis: 10 year old August has a genetic condition which means that his facial features appear 'deformed'. His parents decide to send him to a nearby school so that he can interact with kids his age after being home-schooled for half a decade. The book follows the transition between being left out and fitting in.

My opinion: I loved it. Absolutely. I could not put it down for two minutes. I read it in about two and a half hours non stop. I also cried in some parts, but that's probably just me (lol). Let's talk more about my opinions about two aspects of the book -

Characters: Excellently developed. I loved most of the characters. They felt so human. They had both their good points and also their bad points, especially when you read the parts where some of them tell part of the story from their point of view. I felt like I could genuinely understand them. None of the characters were thin and the contrast between them was understood and excellently put across too. I would have liked more development of the character Julian though, otherwise it was outstanding. I simply love Auggie (the protagonist) and his adorable humour and Summer, but I felt I could really relate to the other characters, especially Jack.

Plot: Although the 'home-schooled kid going to school and their experience of fitting in" was a bit clichéd, the way it was executed was memorable and fresh. The idea of having the protagonist with repulsive facial features was new and alien to me and very interesting.

Rating: 9.5/10

Anime and manga review

Arcana Famiglia

I have seen the first two episodes and first six chapters only, so this isn't really a review, I guess. ^_^''

It's based on the PSP otome game and so is reverse harem.

So far I am liking the manga more than the anime. The overall storyline is interesting. Of course it reminds me of KHR for the mafia theme but it is very different :D

Synopsis: Felicita, the daughter of the leader of the Arcana Famiglia, finds out that her father wants to retire. As such he decides to hold a 'duello' where the Arcana members fight not only to become the next leader, but to be wedded to Felicita. Felicita is outraged that her father did not tell her this and so vows to choose her own path.

I love the art style. It's great ^_^ The storyline is a bit clichéd in my opinion. When her daddy justifies himself I'll see whether my opinion changes though. The characters are interesting so far. Felicita is quite a strong character so far, a nice balance of innocent and headstrong. I guess I'll have to wait before I make any more judgements. ^_^

The anime's one big failing so far is trying to introduce as many of the main male characters in the first two episodes as possible. The 're-introduction' in episode 2 was clunky and embarrassing. Though the opening of episode 1 drew me in immediately by throwing the audience right into the action and surging on with the argument with Felicita and her father, it sort of petered out in episode 2. That was quite disappointing. The manga did not seem to have this problem with a slight restructure of the beginning part.

Otherwise, I am quite intrigued as to what will come next with this anime.

Censored spoiler: I can't believe xxxxx is xxxx's xxxxxx!! :O What the?!

Next time: I will be putting up three reviews of various restaurants/eateries/etc. I have to find out the name of one of them (I forgot ;A;)

See you then!


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